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  • vskomarovsky vskomarovsky May 18, 2006 3:38 AM Flag

    wishful thinking

    I've been away from the computer from May 12, came back today expecting to see effects of Monaco conf., but nothing made PPS move up. I'm trying to catch up with the board mood and see only a random guesses in a direction of hipothetical changes in management. What happened? What I have been missing? Wishful thinking is the major theme, but it doesn't change a thing. I would appritiate a a help to see the 'hidden'.

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    • You're not the only one to notice the change in the board Komarovsky. A week and a half ago, this board was full of vitality - and information and ideas were being proffered with generosity. It was contagious, and I bought in.
      Since the 'trial result' fiasco though, it's like the survivors are wandering around dazed and rudderless. Leaders have fled, and the board offers scant help to anyone trying to figure what to do next.
      Apparently the Monaco conference was a non-event as far as the AVI presentation is concerned. Seems that after everyone was led to believe that the presentation would be broadcast and archived, this just did not happen. Nobody seems to wan't to talk about it.
      I've elected to stay invested so far - the science seems good, and the share price is holding quite well against the general sinking of the market. I think that, given the crap that has happened to this stock recently, it has held up remarkably well in the current situation.

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      • Thanks.

      • No one ever knows what a startup biotech will do, but look at the majors as represented by the btk or bbh indexes! This stuff soared for a year and a half, and it was time to rest, or at least it had been for the last 6-8 mos. If you wern't stopped out last week, as I suspect many of the leading posters were, this is a good time to pick a rational price below which you will not go, and stick to it. However, considering that all that money that just left the market will be needing a home, and soon, I would watch carefully the major biotek indexes for clues as to whether this stock will behave better in the near future, or if it's time to put our hopes and aspirations to bed for the summer, and just adopt an "under the pillow" philosophy for some months to come. I'm personally am not ever pessimistic about a risk play that I am in, so I think all the bad news was in yesterday's non drop, however, the technical aspect of the charts now favor a consolidation arountd these prices, rather than a steep incline which looked to be in the cards before the rather weakly posted data that they put out. Now there will need to be distinctly good news, to counteract that catastrophic drop on 15 million shares! That kind of volume will be king for a while, until something counteracts it. For now I'm just happy to stay here, or go slowly up on no news, that's usually a sign of institutional accumulation.

      • Yeah Terakaurimuu,
        looks like the serial "LOST" is now playing here on the AVI board. I liked the "rudderless" reference in your post. Of course, all N.Z. folks have a boat! Best to you sailor! Regarding the prospects, hopefully our american friends will tell us something after the company meeting next May 24th. I live too far to attend (Europe) and cant live work this period of the year. Too bad, I would have liked to meet some of the folks from this board. Imagine how funny that would have been, to find the real persons behind boards' ids.!

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