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  • joyfullfuncasual joyfullfuncasual Jun 2, 2006 12:51 PM Flag



    I confirmed that the trial participants were given small bottles of the drug and empty syringes. They drew their own. They were given enough for about 3-4 days at a time.

    The saline bottles were the same size.

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    • Nice post Ron. One aside about the 'contacts' for these biodefense grants and 'Bioshield" in general. In the current state of government as it relates to these programs the contacts are mostly via 'old military' insiders. It isn't the same as dealing with congress, although that certainly does help. A retired military insiders if he is working the programs for you is a very big asset. It isn't the only way to get through this red tape system, but this most certainly how this administration is dealing with project bioshield, via ex- and current military insiders. The question then becomes "what else might be done", instead of "this guy don't help", because I am sure that he is a big reason why they have gone as far as they have with the ebola and related programs. This may be a glass half full analogy, but it doesn't excuse the fact that the glass was close to full and somebody spilled it. That does still piss me off, but then there is still a half glass none the less.


    • Let me shed some light on this. People who have contacts are known as connectors or door openers. People who have friends are known as being connected with the ability to influence. People who have contacts, friends, are connected, can influence and do it professionally for mutliple clients,usually specializing in certain fields such as healthcare, pharmaceauticals, defense, etc. are called lobbyists.

      Do we really need someone opening the door for Timmons. Or introducing him to their "friends" on the Hill stating these are good guys with a good technology, so be a buddy and help them out. Or do we want the guy that has the ear of the Senators, agency heads or the people in the Administation that can influence the agency heads and their subordinates?

      The answer is number 3. I bet we don't have that and that is what we really need with the politics here and the amount of money at stake. Anybody can be an advisor or consultant who was once in the game or recently left it. I want the guy who is in the game professionally, who can get things done because he can cash in chips in one place and get new chips in others. That is politcal currency and this clout. Guys like that make things happen.

      Check out the news today. Department of Homeland Security cuts NYC's terror allocation by 40%!!! How do you suppose that happened. A consultant, advisor or a concerted efforrt by lobbyists? Yes, you guessed it.

      For every defense of this management team, I will give you the counter point. Not to say that they haven't done anything right, but with the PMO in their hands, they shouldn't make mistakes and opportunties should be seized, not missed or fumbled.

      Good weekend all.

    • Ok, so was this just a incorrect hand off by the RA.

    • Personally, I prefer to inhale my PMO's versus inject. Or, even beter, combine them with some type of fruit drink, maybe grapefruit, since that has a nice effect on the liver. A nice cold drink is better than a syringe any day. Maybe the non-responders tried to freebase their PMO's, that is another potential assumption :-)

      I hear those Home Depotmed guys have an oral version of the PMO coming out soon, but they don't want to use it yet as people may OD on the PMO's thinking that since there so safe, they can just eat em like candy or drink them like Punch.

      I also heard that Burger is so upset about the stock price and the dissapointment of shareholders, that he has given up drinking wine until the stock is above $7 again. Such a sacrafice is beyond criticism. A lessor CEO might have given up his bonus or options for the year, but not our fearless leader!

      Interestingly, I heard that Timmons is not only concerned about the stock price, but that he has been searching for Portland area biotech's with any openings for an unqualified, overpaid, egotistical senior executive. It seems that the frustration level of shareholders may actually wake up the board to the fact that we have a CPA acting like a PHD or an MBA, and, well, everyone knows that it is just an act :-)

      And lastly, I hear that Michael Hubbard may be promoted to the position of both President and CEO. He assured the board that he wouldn't meddle with the clinical team, he would come to Corvalis more than once a week, he wouldn't fly all over the place to meet investors or be wined and dined by Rodman, he would hire a lobbyist to handle DC and end the "friendship building" campaign, he would fire the sorry ass IR and PR firms, he would give more resources to the key folks in the lab, give larger bonuses to those in Corvalis really responsible for the progress of the technology and last but not least, pledged to not bullshit investors with unrealistic timelines or speculative information.

      Of course, we all know I am joking...or am I??? Have a good weekend.

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