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  • belco_mc belco_mc Oct 31, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    Bottom Line, Fellas

    He's never said he wants to do an ex-US deal. He's said that he is willing to consider one. There is a big difference The significance of that statement is not what you think- it actually meant that a US deal was off the table. So, if you're cheering for a deal, it was actually a negative.

    The real value is in the US. It's an expensive drug and countries with poor healthcare systems can't afford it. Plus there are patent problems in the EU.

    He's going alone, which means the next catalyst is either AA or a big secondary to fund the drug from here.

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    • Who was cheering for a US deal - what, give half the profits away to push it over the finish line? To clarify, he said there was significant interest to partner and his strategy was to find one with deep pockets to cover approval/marketing/distribution ex-US and help accelerate the clinical development of additional exons. Would a big pharma put of $20M-$30M for ROW and additional exons - I think so. Between the ATM and some upfront money on a partnership, they will have plenty of capital to get through the AA process and start the confirmatory trial. AA is a shoe-in, but they won't file until mid-2013 and get a response until late next year. This earnings call they will report how much they raised through the ATM and are sure to provide some more color on partnership discussions. Additional 6MWT data will be reported over the coming quarters, as well, so any uncertainty/volatility will be self-inflicted by those with weak hands.

    • they have around 70mnm in the bank; seems to be best guess; one good thing about the report next week is at least we'll know the cash position
      "big secondary"

      stock has fallen from 45 to 21 and NOW FILE A SECONDARY????
      you're kidding right?
      he'd be fired and rightfully so
      the very fact that they didn't file a secondary when the stock was in the 40's tells me money isn't an immediate concern and that he has another path to cash other than a secondary which leads to partnership or outright buyout

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • CG has been talking about partnerships for years. If it's news to you then thats just because it is new to you.

      He's staying independent.

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