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  • lakerswillbchamps lakerswillbchamps Nov 23, 2012 11:41 PM Flag

    What to do?

    I currently own shares of SRPT but I definitely want to add more. I am confused I'm regards to when I should add. There was a huge rally this week so realistically do you think there will be a bit of a pullback? Or should I load more shares now? Please only respond if you are a serious and not going to give garbage advice. Thanks and GOod luck longs!

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    • Buy incrementally. Buy 1/4 of your total desired immediately on Monday morning - that way if it continues the momentum (most likely) you catch some of it. Then if it continues upward, go ahead and buy another 1/4 if it goes up $1/share from your original entry price. Then wait another day and buy another 1/4 Tuesday or Wednesday - if it continues upward. Then the final 1/4 the following Monday.

      This way you ease into it, don't get caught if it drops back a little.

      If it starts going down, then you are only in it for 1/4 of your total desired shares. If it drops another $1 then you can buy another 1/4 (though I would wait at least a day in this case to see what the momentum is doing). If it was going down further, I'd wait until next Monday to buy the 3rd 1/4. Then the 4th 1/4 the following Monday.

      If it stays flat, then you can buy 1/4 each day without issue.

      This way you manage your risk, participate some in the upside, guard against downside while still increasing your position.

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      • I operate very comparable to this cost basis strategy. Infact, I am accumulating additional shares with this strategy. I already have a very strong posotion, so I can afford to be a little more patient and methodical. If we get the 45 dollar spike on Tuesday, you lose out big time ( but at least you added some like Mad said). If we experience the normal saw tooth pps pattern most biotechs endure (even during a gradual run up) will probably maximize your accumulation very well.

    • Sometimes it's just best to get in!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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