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  • bud_rolfs bud_rolfs Dec 7, 2012 9:43 AM Flag

    The problem may be THIS LINE

    This is the line that I think is responsible for the negative reaction..."The eteplirsen treatment cohort (n=6) continued to show disease stabilization and the cohort has shown less than a 5% decline in walking distance on the 6-minute walk test from baseline."
    That line is in reference to the ORIGINAL TEST PATIENTS who showed an INCREASE over their pre-test results at 48 weeks....Bud

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    • In the 48 week package the 50mg cohort increased walking distance from baseline 9% and the 2 30 mg kids decreased 10%. Taken together the increase was 7 meters or 1.5% over baseline.

      In today's data release these two groups (both on for the full 62 weeks) are merged and that 1.5% increase at 48 weeks is now a 5% decrease (from baseline start walking distance 62 weeks ago). Some kids may have increased and others decreased - the average shows a plateau for now.

      Now the data on the placebo kids who've been on drug for 48 weeks is perhaps a bit lousier. After 12 weeks on drug the dystrophin supposedly kicks in - week 36. In today's data they say this group showed about a 10% decline from where they started at that 36 week point. That's pretty much what the 30mg kids showed at 48 weeks. This treastment delayed has been on drug for 38 weeks so maybe they'll improve a bit. Maybe not. I think in one of the more recent slides with a graph this delayed group showed decline until 36 weeks (12 weeks on drug) and then a movement upwards for the next 12 weeks. That movement upwards seems to have gone back down and so they are at 62 weeks where they were at 36. That's a disappointment. We're talking 4 boys.

      I think this may just show that since all 12 original boys were right on the cusp of rapid degeneration when they started the trial (more or less.....actually these placebo boys held up better at first and the started to go down faster up until week 36)...I think this may indicate that it's just the lousier results the drug gives the older or more deteriorated the boys are when they finally get it. These 24 week delayed boys are just again showing that fact, perhaps.

      And so it bodes well for the wisdom of getting this drug to kids ASAP. - the younger the better. I hope ther's an age 4 - 6 cohort in the new rial - with a lower dose perhaps.

    • has nothing to do with the data if so it would be up 10.00 higher....pure end of the year selling for profits.

    • It is just more of the latest market manipulation methods, Quote stuffing and exchange data feed interruption. When you combine that with the POS of leadership of the SEC that has abandoned their role of regulator, only a major meltdown and the loss of trillions of dollars will bring some meaningful reform.

      How was that $ 450.00 breakfast Mary?

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      • regulations destroy economies

        upholding commonsense laws like throwing fraudsters in jail and electing capitalists builds and keeps economies strong

      • Stocks go up and stocks go down, BUT unless you're taking about thinly traded boiler room junk, there are no men in black helicopters flying around manipulating anything! Look EITHER to the TECHNICALS or FUNDAMENTALS.
        A. The TECHNICALS on SRPT signal we should now head to retest $30.
        B. FUNDAMENTALLY, the market is wrestling with the latest test data and what it means, No one is manipulating ANYTHING in my view. It is the BULLS vs. the BEARS locked in their normal death match!
        Please to those of you new to trading. Stop believing in all the conspiracy theories.
        If you lose your cable TV at home; it is probably NOT a government takeover!
        If you carry around a rabbit's foot; it probably WON'Tdo you any good. After all, look what it did for the rabbit!
        If your car radio gets static; it is probably NOT the start of an alien invasion!
        When they BUY 'EM, stock go up.
        When they SELL'EM, stocks go down.
        It is THAT SIMPLE...
        Best to longs....Bud Rolfs

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