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  • jim_fredericksburg jim_fredericksburg Mar 3, 2013 8:26 AM Flag

    Very good link

    Try this link for the correct analysis on this stock and AA. Sorry you can't just paste link any more. word Sarepta

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    • Outstanding article. I'm adding positions tomorrow.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thanks for the link, jjim. Excellent article.

    • Completely agree. This should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in facts, and SRPT. That said, if you're a short, I wouldn't bother reading the article as it will only increase what is almost certainly already a large sense of panic that your short thesis was and remains GARBAGE.

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      • little bear research thinks the meeting has already been held and results shortly after the meeting on the 11th
        he mentions several weeks, which would put the decision at end of march which is 30 DAYS FROM END OF FEB implying he thinks meeting happened late feb

        It is highly probable, that the meeting will have already taken place by the time of the earnings announcement, and any

        Seriously, does anyone who knows something of her career expect her to agree to meet with these activists while knowingly planning to shoot them down a few weeks later??

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • thanks! what an incredibly well written article; perhaps the best i've read
      highly recommended all; well worth the read

      he has some real interesting insight into the upcoming fda meeting

      also, he states the 72 week results are much more important than i think at least i thought they were because in effect the trial size was increased by the 4 crossover patients

      really good article

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great article. Sums things up beautifully. I hold the position that politicians will come out in support of something once it looks safe to do so. The upcoming events are going to be incredibly exciting. Can't wait.

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      • I agree the article is a great one and also think that the meeting with the FDA has occurred already, probably sometime last week. What I do not agree with is buying March calls, especially out of the money calls. The results of the meeting will not be announced by Margaret Hamburg on the 11th and likely won't be announced until meeting minutes are released, likely around end of March. I do think we trade higher going into March option expirations but the max I see this going to is 36, although it my trade higher before hand. Considering 36 is a 20% jump from now till then I'd say that is still great but the March 35 calls have an ask of almost $2 therefor I would stay away from march calls. I'd do a spread of selling March out of the money puts and calls and buying April at the money calls. This is the best spread in my opinion.

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