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  • usagary1 usagary1 Mar 4, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Believe it ,this is a big deal'' intramuscular delivery'' means that

    most viral or maybe even other drugs can be given this way....hell of a finding in my book.

    many more wide spreed uses now with a better cost.

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    • romerom, IMHO, asks very relevant questions. What are the costs and is delivery at these levels feasible? Safety and efficacy look good, however, we need low cogs for mass marketed drugs otherwise they will either not be utilized or only used in acute care situations.

      Does anyone know if SRPT is still looking at nasal delivery options for their flu drug?

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    • romerom Mar 4, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

      Can be given that way if you're a monkey, I guess. What about humans, who are 7-10x the weight/mass? Will this still be an practicle or even possible delivery mechanism? Serious question.

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      • Dosage levels will vary but the delivery mechanism will likely be effective in humans; basically this is WHY you typically do studies on animals (particularly non-human primates) BEFORE you do them on humans. Also, finding a human trial population that you are going to infect with Marburg would be, well, problematic at best since the disease shows a high mortality rate and rapid progression (both of which would be more acute in weaponized form - which is what the Department of Defense is concerned with).

        The bottom line is that this is a potentially HUGE step forward in Sarepta's suite of anti-virals since intra-muscular injection is far more desirable than intra-venous (particularly in the field). Ask any field Medic/Hospital Corpsman or any first responder.

    • And the 'sleeper' in this data, imho, is that this pmo+ drug can be retargeted to other viral illnesses (influenza? dengue? ebola? you name it) by just changing the subunit sequence.

      So as the armed forces and SRPT refine this application to MARBURG, they are refining a whole antiviral (antibacterial?) drug PLATFORM. The safety tests for influenza-subunit-sequence have been good for the first phase I (in humans!) and are now being repeated.

      When you add 2 +2 you get some pretty astoundingly positive news here, all under the radar in terms of the PLATFORM.
      And all currently valued at "FREE" in the stock price.

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    • still under five bucks after all these years.

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