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  • simp08801 simp08801 Mar 6, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    i like to repeat myself

    so i will

    has anyone looked at the MARCH options?

    they had humongo volume to upside yesterday and further upside today

    all but one price was green

    one more thing

    they expire on March 13


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    • I am also trying to think of any possible catalysts..
      The only wild card for DMD is a partnership. He didn't mention ongoing talks (for the 100th time) in the Cowen presentation. If you were about to announce a partnership, you wouldn't talk about ongoing talks would you? Everything else major is 1-2 months out on DMD besides more anecdotal evidence such as the trial parents meeting with the head of the FDA. There will be more help with other exons from universities, government or nonprofits, but I don't see this as a major catalyst any longer.

      Out of nowhere catalysts
      1. Flu program moving forward/partnered.
      2. Hearing more about the anti-bacterial platform (Drug resistant TB).
      3. Some other antiviral such as dengue that the company already has a drug for that is awaiting advancement. The rapid response exercises funded by the DOD produced an unknown number of antivirals. I still think Sarepta is being primed to be part of a broad-spectrum response to biological threats. Stockpiling and contracts would then provide income on top of the muscular dystrophy platform. The recent news of an injection formulation of our Marburg drug is huge. With each advancement of Flu and Marburg, the idea of a broad spectrum platform becomes closer to reality and Wall Street will soon realize this isn't a one-trick pony.
      4. It might take zero catalysts to send this stock higher in a hurry, because the market might have finally realized this stock is way undervalued with or without accelerated approval. The fact that AA is even a possibility should be looked at as extra credit. Many of us longs have been adamant that even without AA, this stock should be at least $45 RIGHT NOW. Despite many analysts saying the same thing, the market has acted as if a 30 pps is flying too high. We could be at a tipping point where shorts have finally exposed their arguments and they have been found lacking. They would have been better off keeping quiet

    • Could be Little Bear followers who don't know about Cowen presentation.

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