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  • simp08801 simp08801 Mar 10, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    tea leaf the size of Mars?

    the LittleBear writer put out another srpt piece on Thursday

    like the first piece he wrote, the second piece had some good points and some statements that make us know he is not as fully accurate as he needs to be

    but like his first piece did, his second piece did contain something I think is humongo important

    he linked a 3-7-13 interview with Dr. Woodcock from the FDA (she will be a key player in any Srpt related FDA decisions)

    I have listened to that interview several times

    I believe she was indirectly referring to srpt in a few of her answers

    I think the interview is a mandatory listen for every serious srpt investor, and also for my friend johnkellyzzzz

    this quote could be MOST key

    "T: So I’m wondering if you have a story of a truly powerful medication that has, so to speak, come across your desk.

    JW: Well, I do, but we don’t tend to single out products and endorse them"

    and amid all this, the dmd parent group meets with the FDA Commissioner tomorrow


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    • Bumparooski!

      make sure you listen to that Woodcock interview ...

    • Link to interview you refer to and to article of little bear? Neither was I able to find...

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    • 'Together, FDASIA and PDUFA V lay down alternative, expedited pathways for drug companies to gain approval for this class of treatments without all the belt-and-suspenders work of multiple, large trials designed to prove efficacy and safety beyond a shadow’s doubt.

      One of the prime beneficiaries of this new approach by the FDA could be Sarepta Therapeutics (Nasdaq: SRPT). Sarepta is developing eteplirsen, a novel treatment aimed at a subset of young boys suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). DMD is the result of a genetic mutation that inhibits a person’s ability to manufacture dystrophin, a necessary component in healthy muscle tissue. Boys who suffer from DMD begin to show symptoms at an early age, and it is a progressive degenerative disease which eventually affects all voluntary muscles in the body. The average life expectancy of a boy born with DMD is 25; there currently is no treatment for the disorder.

      In October 2012 Sarepta reported stunning results for a 12-patient phase II study of eteplirsen. The results were so earthshattering that the stock almost tripled the day they were announced. Since that time, the stock has been volatile, dropping from the low 40s to the 20s as Sarepta took advantage of its’ high-flying stock price to raise $125 million from institutional investors and prepare for large-scale commercial manufacturing of eteplirsen.'

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