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  • mjrruby2000000 mjrruby2000000 Mar 25, 2013 12:19 PM Flag


    Just curious...Has the PTR changed to 34 from 35? It seems that 34 is a brick wall.

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    • No sir, the PTR is still $35
      PTRs do not change..
      1. It is very clear the we have a PTR at $25. Anyone with a candlestick chart and a ruler can figure that out.
      2. It is equally clear that we have another PTR at $30. Just look at the RETESTING of that $30 PTR during the 9 trading days following the dramatic high volume breakthrough of that $30 PTR on February 27th.
      Now, since THAT GAP was $5, wouldn't it make sense for the next major resistance level to be $5 higher at the $35 area? Well, why do you think we TOPPED OUT at the $34.94 area on March 19th?
      More circumstantial corroborating evidence that the DAILY CHART PTR resistance levels are every $5...?
      Where did we TOP OUT on the big SPIKE UP on October 3rd? EXACTLY...$45.00 NOT A COINCIDENCE!
      I think what you are seeing is really more of just a very tight sideways move that is about a DOLLAR FIFTY or so in range and is just SITTING on the $32.50 MID-PTR ICE SUPPORT & RESISTANCE. Though MID-PTR ICE is weaker than a PTR, it is still "ICE" as Richard WyKoff would define it, so it is sufficient support right now for SRPT because there is little SELLING PRESSURE.
      God bless....Bud

    • $34.25 is short-term resistance.

      However, depending on today's Leerink's conference call, it might break it.
      Any favorable update on eteplirsen, or unfavorable update on Drisapersen would
      likely act as a catalyst, and move the stock past $34 easily.

      Just another personal opinion.

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