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  • simp08801 simp08801 Apr 2, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    hey prosci

    I am not sure if you are yelling at me or not

    the quote in my post you referred to was a very recent quote from sarepta trial parent during a meeting with JMP Securities

    I know for sure that there are at least a few of the sarepta trial parents who believe the improvements in their sons are in part, "cardiac" in nature, in terms of endurance, etc.

    I merely repeated what they said

    and given how involved I know they are in their sons' progress, I attribute meaning to their statements

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    • Could you please PM me their names? I would be so happy to talk to them privately.

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      • Prosci,
        you may also wish to take the time to go back, and review exactly what was and was not said by SRPT management at their Perth presentation. Your recollection of what was presented with regards to cardiac and lung STABILIZATION is flawed if I'm not mistaken. The following is a quote from a post by Jordan.marx, describing what was going on in Perth.

        " Some of the arguments that have been used to justify staying away from the stock have been neutralized. Such as what happened to the twins and their decline, and then later pulmonary and cardiac stabilization. It appears the results are really great, and the two kids that everyone thought didn't do well, actually stabilized. It appears that Sarepta has a wonderful technology on its hands. With these added details concerning the phase IIb results, accelerated approval is more likely. A small company with an amazing technology. Something to be long about. I don't pretend to understand the science, (I have my Molecular Biologist wife for that), but I do like the sound of an amazing technology in the hands of a small company with a lot of potential growth in the future. I am sure I am missing some points that some of the more scientific folks on this message board can elaborate on further."

        I'm not sure what your agenda is exactly, but regardless, facts should help.

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