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  • kkdwoo kkdwoo Apr 5, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    Charting $SRPT - Part (whatever + 3)

    No need to do head-scratching. Stock will run its course.
    Personally I think the stock is not doing better because:
    1. Market today is down terribly. If without the good news, SRPT might be down $1-2.
    So if you add the up $2 (provided we're up two bucks today) to that, we're actually up $3-4.
    2. This stock is full of day-traders, and the price is self-adjusting accordingly.
    3. Like I said previously, stock will crawl slowly to $40 level b4 any shocking news is
    announced, by which I mean AA or partnership.

    So until then, patience, patience, and patience.

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    • Was your "head scratching" comment directed to me by any chance? I did NOT scratch my head about the price action. READ the post again. I only used that term in reference to people's lack of perspective about how blessed they are to even know about much less to be in this stock.
      " Stock will run its course." What a brilliant technical insight that is. What tools did you use to wring that kernel of truth from the inexorable grasp of this vexing conundrum cloaked in an enigma. I'm afraid that YOU sir are NOT any kind of real Technical Analyst but you do play one on the Yahoo Message Board. Are you by any chance related to "Miss Cleo"? Like hucksters of her ilk, you do speak stock-related words, but actually say NOTHING. ("Stock is full of daytraders", "Stock is self-adjusting".)
      I have no idea what Technical Analysis background you have, but from your posts so far, you are awful light on any real analysis and you just seem to guess a lot that the stock will go higher in vague generalities because that is what it has been doing. Keep up the good work. The danger with pretenders like you is that there may be naive readers out there who might actually put stock in your posts. Pretty soon now though, these easy days will be over and then we'll find out how good you really are at calling 'em when it's not a given that SRPT is in a tight uptrend sub-channel. I just hope that you don't cause too much damage then for too many readers.
      In my view, "YOU ARE BEHIND THE CURTAIN", and in the inimitable words of the great and powerful Oz..."Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
      God protect the innocent from all frauds and the deceitful...Bud Rolfs

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      • viper18411 Apr 6, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

        whoa bud,i love it,you tore that guy a new a--h-le.It does my heart good to see you are human like the rest of us.YOU definitley told that charlaton off. you do know that a fool and his money are soon parted.i do my own research[not on your level] and keep it to myself so if i lose money the only person i blame is myself.In your words bud bless you even if i am an agnostic.have a great weekend bud

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