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  • bionerd51 bionerd51 Apr 29, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Can't Believe...

    That Sarepta is down almost $10 a share since I've been on vacation 10 days ago. Although the PR written announcing the AA meeting with the FDA could have been written better, The fact that the FDA requested NDA type of data to make their decision regarding AA from existing data is extremely bullish, the recent downturn is illustrative of how many traders play momentum biotech stocks and their influence is now calculable. Small chance that eterplirsen get's denied for AA. Drug Manufacturing and NDA writing continues which is another bullish sign. Company clearly believes the FDA will approve their application for AA. Just wish that their PR expressed this confidence. I guess when CG doesn't need money his heart is not into writing company PR's.

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    • hmmm

    • viper18411 Apr 29, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

      to the most intelligent one on the board, glad your'e back and hope you had a great didn't miss much on this board,oh and a lot more schmendricks came aboard.

    • Chris is in a delicate position regarding PRs. I believe he has been very respectful of the FDA. Leave it to the. MDA to do a great PR about their great contribution! Geez

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    • The spring is wound tight!

    • Dear bionerd,
      You probably know 100 times as much technically about Eteplirsen than I, but I do not think that knowledge advantage extends to the market. Even The Street's Adam Feuerstein for instance, has acknowledged the MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THE MARKET have pegged odds for SRPT's AA at "too close to call". While people line up with great passion on one side or the other of that debate; the MARKET has a HUGE SEGMENT OF VERY WELL INFORMED INVESTORS WHO DO NOT SHARE YOUR CONFIDENCE IN SRPT's AA CHANCES. If that were NOT TRUE, then why wouldn't the BIG VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE FUNDS WHO DO HAVE A POSITIVE VIEW OF SRPT'S AA CHANCES STEP UP RIGHT HERE AND BUY LIKE CRAZY?
      No, we are not getting a message from a few "momentum traders" here. This is the MARKET REDUCING THE SHORT TERM VALUATION OF THIS STOCK...whether we like it or not.
      DISCLOSURE: I am long the stock and like you believe AA will be granted eventually.
      God Bless...Bud

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      • Bud, I respect your tech. analysis and your posts are a must read. Adam F. is a journalist. A good one, but when he wanders into areas that he is not proficient in he should be disregarded. Case in point...He has no knowledge or expertise in data analysis or chemistry. His somewhat guarded remarks regarding eterplirsen's chance of approval is wise for a journalist but there is no way that this drug for a high-profile genetic killer of young boys is going to be denied by the FDA for 2 reasons.... The safety profile is extremely rare in drug development especially when directly targeting the genome of humans. No evidence of drug related toxicity or off-target effects of the PMO for exon 51. This can not be overstated. Secondly, the data supports approval and the FDA is a political beuracratic[sp.], nightmare but in this case they will approve and will bask in the limelight of approving a drug for the most high profile, childhood disease. The one element of this process is that CG has done something right. He has nurtured and rallied the Muscular Dystrophy advocates, mainly PPMD, to apply pressure on the FDA for AA. I am someone who supports data and science but in this case science and data takes a back seat to good-old beuracratic empathy and this is what the putative journalists and analysts are missing in their calculous.

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      • I will answer.

        Not many people understand the new drugs that are ""exact drugs""drugs that target exactly what it is intent is for'gene targets. Don't you think every software program will work in the same computer that are exactly the same? Exon51 all are the same in that is no way around the real facts.

        Simple facts are if you tested one child for say exon45 and it worked that would be enough because you it would be genetic facts.

      • sdijc Apr 29, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

        Bud, first, please accept my apologies for any of my posts that were "over the top" . I'm just a bored retiree having some fun with the keyboard. I didn't know you were ill. I don't mean to add to your stress level...But...One question..Why would you continue to be long on SRPT if you think there's a 65% chance of revisiting $25 PPS. I simply don't understand your thinking. Love to all of God's lost souls. (16 years of catholic education. I'm NOT being cynical) Joe

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    • PPS reacting positively to your return from vacation, nerd. Good to hear from you. Gloomy messages blowing wind against the sailing.

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    • good news O/T however with tsrx.

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