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  • starfe11 starfe11 May 14, 2013 11:13 AM Flag


    you praying for this to crack before you put out a update?

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    • Had to stop posting my UPDATES that I send out to my SRPT CONTACT LIST because knuckleheads like you Arnold (both in your own personna plus your many fake IDs) made such a ruckus every time I posted, that it virtually destroyed the quality of the SRPT MB. Or have you forgotten?.
      I have tried to wiggle in bits and pieces though almost every day:

      MAY 10TH: IN ANSWER TO "WHY IS THIS (SRPT) PULLING BACK, ANYBODY KNOW?" "If you write me at bud_rolfs at my yahoo E-mail account; I will reply with a short analysis showing exactly why it is pulling back and where it is pulling back to and then where it is going next. Of course, you can take what I give you with a grain of salt if you choose, but I was sent here to help, and that is all that I wish to try to do for you. (GOES FOR ALL ON THE MB)
      God Bless...Bud

      MAY 11TH IN ANSWER TO TO COPPHIGGINS' QUESTION ABOUT WHAT I WAS SEIING: Why don't you E-mail me and I'll send you my WEEKLY ANALYSIS today (Saturday)?

      MAY 12TH TO JEANCLARNEAU; "Actually, the pattern on the WEEKLY SRPT CHART looks more like a BEARISH FLAG PATTERN because of the very long "FLAG POLE" that precedes the left side of your "CUP". Google that pattern and see what you think...
      Now, here is a question for you my French friend, "What technical pattern on the Weekly Chart goes down on Weekly Volumes of 15.4 and 11.3 million and only bounces back up on weekly volume of 7 million?"

      My current take: SRPT is TOPPING OUT here in the $35-$37 OVERHEAD RESISTANCE and is setting up for a LARGE ABC-DOWN visible on the WEEKLY CHART that projects to (and slightly below actually) the $25 PTR area.


      God Bless ALL OF YOU HERE and Best of Luck IN ALL YOU DO....Bud

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