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  • clarkst70 clarkst70 Jul 19, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    I am Trayvon Martin....

    ...funny, we celebrate old ladies when they beat off attackers with their canes or pocketbooks ...but, when trayvon tries to fend off an aggressor, he's worthy of being shot ...shame!!!

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    • viper18411 Jul 21, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

      trayvons problem was he shoulda known better than to beat the shytt out of a punk

    • If you don't have anything to add to the topics of SRPT or AA, just go away, sick of the racist right wingers and the liberal freaks taking up space here. Its the same as when 4-5 informed people are having a conversation somewhere and some moron interrupts the conversation with inane dribble he heard on some cable news channel.

    • Sitting on top of someone, holding them down, and bashing their head into the concrete is not the definition of "fending off an aggressor". Please stop being a slave to mass media and use facts to make your own decisions. In other words, stop being a dumb-%!# democrat or at least spew your stupidity in an appropriate place - not the freakin' Sarepta Message Board, you comlete and utter fool.

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    • stephentalley Jul 20, 2013 9:16 PM Flag


    • You know this because you were there? Or because you are dealing with some small subset of the facts that you heard 3rd hand from a biased media with a vested interest in sensationalizing a story?

      The truth is WE don't know what happened in that case. The jury knows more than anybody, but really only Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman - and each of them only know their side; they don't know what the other guy was thinking. Still, it takes two to fight - always. If ever one side backs down and says sorry, wait, I give up, there is rarely a problem.

      Stop pumping it into something it isn't - otherwise YOU are the problem.

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      • hmm, ziimmerman says (speaking to 911 operator) ...'these a$ $holes always get away...' (that doesn't speak to his frame of mind, his prejudice, his aggressiveness)

        dispatch: are you following him
        zimmerman: yeah (speaks to aggressiveness)
        dispatch: okay, we don't need you to do that

        dispatch: Alright George, I'll let them (the police) know to meet you around there okay? (by the mailboxes)
        zimmerman: actually could you have them call me and i'll tell them where i'm at (strongly suggests that zimmerman is following trayvon)

        as a black man, I should be allowed to walk through this world without aggressively minded, prejudicial armed vigilantes harassing me. why did zimmerman get off: b/c he was getting the #$%$ kicked out of him, jurors didn't grant trayvon the same right 'to stand his ground', trayvon, who couldn't speak for himself, was portrayed as a thug - shameful!!!!!!

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