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  • flexed1962 flexed1962 Aug 19, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    What I have lost in last few weeks

    Nothing, I did not sell at $48, I will not sell now, I am amazed how so many panic, if you bought the stock with the intention you would make a gold mine overnight then you are not a buyer you are a short term trader. Nothing wrong with that, I buy because I believe in the message and the direction and then I sleep well. I did not short, I did not day trade, make the money if you short or day trade, I pay enough taxes but when you make over 15% profit I won't say a word as you will take away a few percent that you can keep.

    As for me, I don't care what others write, I don’t have a stock god ( or a person who mentions god constantly

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    • I like this company, however, the anticipation had been that approval would already have occured, now its off to 2014, which means this is probably dead money for maybe a year. Am I wrong?

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      • Point is for me, I don't care, I am in long term, who knows, may get bought, may have rumors of being bought, based on the bad news for for its number one " competition" the FDA may revers its position based on public out cry, we don't know, but more when it dips if you believe... AVII was so much more bumpy, but AVII turned into what I have now as I always believed in AVII under the right people..

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      • The price may drop to $25 as has been posted which would be a great time to add shares. This stock will double from these levels when the FDA approval is announced next spring. I don't see any way the FDA won't approve the drug based on trials results.

    • Fully agree -- and agree with the posting from late last week that SRPT will be an M&A target at some point during this process (ie between now and mid 2014). If best-in-class option for these kids the FDA may clear sooner rather than later.

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