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  • yogifenwayduncan yogifenwayduncan Sep 21, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

    takeover possibilities

    anyone else think yesterdays event put srpt on the radar of big bios if it already wsnt?

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    • Doubtful. The drug is, in the larger scheme of things, a small sales item. and would add little to a big pharma co.'s top or bottom lines, while still absorbing a certain amount of staff and executive "energy" (time, attention, etc) needed to be applied to integration, etc. of any acquisition. ---The base srpt technology involved have some reasonable value in its potential (on this I'm not an expert, can't really quantfy), but it is still pretty (or maybe very) early in its development and development-to-commercialization phases for BiigCo to put out big $ at this point. (all IMO)

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      • That is moronic. Please stop posting.

      • ybdc, are you kidding? I can't imagine any large pharma company not being interested in a company whose lead drug is worth $1B in sales per year and that is just for exon 51 in both US europe--and that is using the lower side numbers of revenue. Add the other exons in and you are easily over $2B in sales per year. Yeah, a small sales item, a veritable rounding error, ehh? Give me a break. Any large pharma who needs to refill their pipeline (as in most of them) would be very interested in having this drug in their stable.
        That said, I hope CG doesn't sell the company or if he does it needs to be at 250/share!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • They will have the first (etep) on the market middle next year, full commercialization by the end of the year 3 more to follow in next two yrs, 17 more after that. 3500 kids a yr US alone, 3-5 hundred grand /kid.That is just DMD. Whats tamiflu worth, their flu drug is much bettor.

    • Never sellout to a pharma. Remember MEDX. BMY stole MEDX for 2.4 billion. The drugs from MEDX pipeline will sell more than 2.4B a year!

      MEDX was my largest holding and I made a fortune from the buyout (I had call options in addition to shares). Still I could have made 10x more if the buyout failed.

      Today, MEDX would be worth 24B if it were to stay independent.

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      • There is a key distinction between SRPT and MEDX which has yet to be mentioned.

        MEDX entered licensing, partnership or joint venture agreements with several major pharmaceutical companies. Those agreements were the primary source of financing for the company for several years until the company was "recognized" and completed a secondary offering of, as I recall, 1,000,000 shares at either $200 or $100 per share around the time of a 2 for 1 stock split.

        As a result, when BMY made the takeover offer, there was never a competing bid. "Collusion" is a word that has never left my mind as a result of that experience.

        An additional, significant difference is that MEDX had in excess of 100,000,000 shares issued and outstanding at the time of the BMY offer.

        Like you, I would prefer to still be holding my MEDX position.

        Acknowledging that I publicly questioned the SRPT reverse split a year after stockholders authorized an increase in the number of shares outstanding, I have since watched with interest events unfold at SRPT.

        I would like to see SRPT remain independent and reach its full potential. However, if an offer were to come, I anticipate a very different process (than with MEDX) considering that proprietary information has already been shared under non-disclosure agreements with potential partners.

        Suffice it to say, IMO Sarepta is in a far stronger position than Medarex was at roughly similar period in its development.


    • just look at what BMY spent on inhibitex, 2.6 bill. Now granted it was for a much larger addressable market opp but the inhibitex cmpd was a toxic piece of #$%$ that would have been just one component in a combination therapy. Etep at least has shown no indication of serious tox and be a monotherapy. There is always some boneheaded big pharm that is willing to overbid since the execs making the bids are doing it w house money, not their own....

    • I have never heard any indication that CG is remotely interested. Which is a good thing hopefully. A takeout offer in the near term would prob be under 100. CG is looking for srpt to be worth more than that on his own, prob more like that upper DB target of 210. Hope it works out

    • I suspect it's been on BP's radar for some time now. Hope it doesn't happen as I think the best value here is to go forward alone. The pipeline is stellar

    • Lets hope they are letting AF decide for them.

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