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  • bud_rolfs bud_rolfs Sep 26, 2013 9:09 AM Flag


    I originally posted an initial SRPT DAILY CHART as of Saturday, August 24th, and have now updated that chart for you as OF START OF DAY, TODAY, SEPT 26th.
    Just go to DROPBOX on the internet; which is a free cloud storage and file sharing site.
    Use the following to sign in:
    ID use my bud_rolfs at gmail address (in the correct e-mail format of course)
    Password: sarepta
    That should take you to a dropbox storage location with a pdf file showing the latest SRPT chart view and analysis.
    Even if you do not understand TA (or believe it) you WILL UNDERSTAND this and it CANNOT POSSIBLY HARM YOU. (And just might HELP YOU.)
    Just open, copy and paste to your desktop.

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    • How many of you have the courage to even look at the chart before you say it has no relevance?

    • CHART NARRATIVE: As the chart shows, SRPT was in imminent danger of failing it's retest of the lower uptrend channel trend line, until the Prosensa test data disaster. It still amazes me that some of you so very data-oriented folks can look at this chart (and how well the data points fit) and chalk it all up to coincidence, and claim TA has no bearing on a stock like SRPT.
      The simple truth is that SRPT got very lucky and "RNA SUDDENLY #$%$ OUT OF THE GAME" giving SRPT a huge "WINDFALL". That does not prove that Technical Analysis does not work, but rather that it is better to be LUCKY than anything else. NO TRADING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD CAN ACCOUNT FOR THE TOTAL BLINDSIDES THAT OCCASSIONALLY HAPPEN TO STOCKS. (Just ask the RNA shareholders.) All of you who bought into SRPT at the $35 area because you knew that RNA would suddenly just fail totally raise your hands....
      At any rate, as I said when it happened; that high volume spike on the 20th reversed the entire bearish bias to the SRPT chart; so now all hangs on the impending pullback volume and prices. SRPT went up through the $36-$46 area on 15.7 million and in so doing ran right through the $45 and $40 PTRs without retesting them. It also has run all the way to the top of the long term channel. Put together, those actions signals a Full Channel Correction should follow, and odds favor a pullback all the way to a retest of that $40PTR AREA. If it comes back there on less than 16 million and holds; it is a GREAT LONG TERM BUY.

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      • To a fundamental investor, to Warren Buffet, the chart is NOT real data. The real data is clinical data and scientific data. Biotech and pharma companies live on scientific and clinical data. In the long term, the price action per se does not affect their scientific and clinical data, thus does not affect their business or stock price.

        Take your theory on other type of companies.

        Why in the world you picked a biotech stock, or why God sent you to a biotech company's investment community, to spread your assistance? Why a biotech stock out of thousands of stocks available?

        At least there is one fact that you cannot refute, and should admit, that anyone followed your "God inspired assistance" have been hurt BADLY regarding their investment.

        You have done REAL harm! Can't you man enough to admit that you did do harm, no matter your intention?

      • You can't admit that *your* technical analysis was wrong. Blindness has nothing to do with it. The stock is showing a strong series of cup and handle breakouts. The daily CCI showed a reversal at the end of august and beginning of september while you were preaching about a retracement to very weak support levels early in the year. B I'll be surprised if there's a 50% fibonnaci retracement given the prospects for success in this name. I'll be buying around 43 and will go all in on margin if it touches 40. Going against a trend is not a good bet. The more I know about this company the *luckier* I get. BTW but I started trading this stock when it was at 83 cents, where were you?

        Why don't you do us a real service by guessing how high the stock will go and when it will get there?

      • "raise your hands" i see the hand of the insider who had just bought at 36 in the air

        for a Christian, you sure have an attitude

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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