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  • sdijc Oct 10, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    Where are those darn WMD'S, anyway?

    10 BILLION a MONTH for over 10 YEARS? WASTED..FOR NOTHING!! What are the HEATHCARE costs for all those wounded heros? More BILLIONS. And the GOP claims O'Bama is a big spender? He's a chump compared to old Georgie....And we argue about $40 a week foodstamps and $49 phones? LOL

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    • What does that have to do with SRPT?

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    • Think. Where do you think the WMDs in Iraq went? We know that Sadam had poison gas, he used it on the Curds in his own country. Satellite intelligence spotted convoys of trucks going from Iraq into Syria, prior to our invasion. Now we see that Syria has loads of poison gas. Connect the dots. You'll never see this administration even mention the connection, since it suggests that Bush and world intelligence was right, there were WMDs in Iraq.

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      • The shelf life of poison gas is short. There is no way Hussein had WMDs that were viable. Even less chance that these would be the same poison gas that was used in Syria. That whole rap of yours falls apart. When the whole propaganda machine drummed up the hysteria to go to war and invade Iraq I listened to former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter. He said it was impossible for Saddam Hussein to have WMDs but unfortunately the Bush regime did their best to discredit him. Sort of what they tried with Joe Wilson.
        As for the gassing of the Kurds just remember afterward Ronald Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to re-establish diplomatic ties with Saddam Hussein.
        The reason we invaded Iraq was to free up their oilfields for the international gas companies.

      • Think. What country is the biggest threat in the Middle East? Iran. Who was a countervailing force to Iran? Iraq under Saddam Hussein. What were the chances that Paul Wolfowitz and other neocons were going to be able to spread democracy thru the Middle East? Zilch. What was the evidence that Al Qaeda had any influence in Iraq under Hussein? Zilch.
        What was the deficit when George W. took office? We had a 2.4% of GDP surplus. Bush's last fiscal year started in Oct 2008. What was the deficit for that year? A deficit of 10.1% of GDP. We went from a surplus of 2.4% to a deficit of 10.1% under Bush. Ouch!!! Since then the deficit has gone down the fastest that it has in over sixty years. The deficit has gone from 10.1% to 4.0% of GDP. In fact it has gone down too fast. Those are the facts.

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      • u think we would have invaded for poison gas that he used 10 years before with our knowledge? really? all the wmd programs were taken out by the UN in the 90's, and nothing was found after..what about mushroom clouds and yellowcake from niger? Cheney invaded to get the oil fields under control....that turned out perfectly

      • wmd is poisonous gas? Geez that's a no brainer who doesn't have poisonous gas - -I thought we bombed that- - look it up - -we bombed the poisonous gas bunkers - -its a restricted area due to high level of poison

    • Thought I never agree with you

    • I'm starting to like you more and more joe joe. You go man.

    • The fact is we are where we are as a country (financially) for three reasons;
      1) the two wars
      2) the bush tax cuts
      3) the financial meltdown(2008)
      Everything else is piddly. And it sure isn't because of The affordable Health Care act.

    • oh man you're delirious.

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