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  • greyzone513 greyzone513 Oct 13, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    High Road

    It's interesting to note , that despite their attempts to hinder SRPT's success, and blatant preference for their own personal agendas rather than those of the sick boys, CG has decided to include MDA - who has done nearly nothing in support of SRPT yet had the BALLS to claim that Etep's success was due to their support (cough, chuckle, gag )......and also include PPMD (Pat Furlong) in the webinar they are hosting soon.
    PPMD and MDA ought to issue formal apologies to SRPT/CG for their heinous, disturbing lack of support . Still, CG is taking the high road and treating them as though they have done nothing wrong. The sad truth is, neither MDA or PPMD have done much right when it comes to selflessly pursuing therapies that truly benefit sick boys. It's a nice touch by CG, but even so, PPMD and MDA have shown what matters most to them, and it AIN'T getting the best medicine to all the boys as quickly as possible! Send your donations elsewhere...... Or keep your $, cuz those two organizations will just squander the gift before they use it in support of the BEST DMD DRUG EVER DEVELOPED. Shame on both PPMD and MDA. Congrats CG
    for doing the right thing even though excluding them both was more than warranted.

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