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  • zwerp2000 zwerp2000 Nov 6, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

    Some questions/answers for Ehydrus to ponder:

    1. Did eteplirsen meet the goals of their study? Yes
    2. Were there are any AE's? No
    3. Did knowledgeable, well regarded and respected doctors see the results as unprecedented? Yes
    4. Are there any alternative drugs out there to help children with DMD? No
    5. Is DMD 100% fatal? Yes
    6. Do the parents of these children want this drug approved asap? Yes
    7. Do the children suffering from DMD want this drug approved asap? Yes
    8. Did Ehydrus announce a short position prior to releasing their first negative article? Yes
    9. Is there the appearance of impropriety with these articles? Yes
    10. Have we as investors seen through the testimony of the parents, youtube videos, articles etc seen that eteplirsen is helping these children? Yes
    11. Is there any true reason not to approve this drug? No
    12. Will all of the children afflicted with DMD get worse and even die while waiting for this drug to be approved? Yes

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    • Great post Z, and full of FACTS. That said, it's totally irrelevant. Our imbedded shorts don't care about facts. They believe that subterfuge and $$$ can fix a thesis that is simply wrong. And why shouldn't they feel this way? Generally, all they have to do is get someone to put out a short article and the same day, they pound on the stock hoping that people believe the article has caused a mass exodus in the stock. Someone with big bucks sure seems intent on keeping the share price below 40, via any means possible. It doesn't matter that the facts swirling around the SRPT story are uniformly positive over the last couple months, or that the stock has been derisked by losing their only real competition. The SEC allows these games to be played, and until real enforcement of the rules is common, they will continue.

      That said.........................these articles are what have allowed me to buy at bargain levels. 11/12 is going to be interesting.

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      • Keep in mind SRPT has been up 2 days in a row. Shorts do not want the downtrend to be broken so this is more of damage control. The arguments are always the same. They pretty much just cut and paste the same drivel and release it as if they have new arguments to make. They are just trying to knock down the stock price so they make money. They don't care about these children. Imagine what the parents and children must think about these bozos who would like nothing more than for eteplirsen not to be approved and for the company to fail. The hatred these shorts have for a company trying to develop a drug to save the lives of innocent children is pathetic.

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