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  • cjcollins17 cjcollins17 Feb 25, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    Is there a Conference Call scheduled for 2/26?

    anyone have info on a CC for Tuesday

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    • I was not aware there was going to be a Conference Call tomorrow. There may be a PR later in the day showing the ratification of the merger. So far as I know its just the shareholders meeting to vote on the 3 items and that is it. I suspect the meeting will be adjourned minutes after the call to order as there will a majority of shares voting FOR the merger. Once the meeting ends I think they will contact FINRA and Nasdaq and request BMTI be delisted. That may take a day or up to a week. When I had a plan administrator request from FINRA and NASDAQ delisting of a stock a couple years ago it took 1 or 2 trading days from the time of request from what I remember. Hopefully they do not fogret to list the CVRs at the same time they request the de-listing of BMTI.

      Most likely they have counsel or a professional firm taking care of this and dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's.

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      • Correction, I just remembered that the Nasdaq would not delist a company until/unless they received instructions from the transfer agent (i.e. American Stock Transfer & Trust Company) and/or the DTCC (Depository Trust Clearing Corporation). We had difficulty at first having the BK stock delisted without instructions from the company to the ATC and then I believe the ATC gives instructions to the DTCC which the Listing exchange receives instructions on. The DTCC is responsible for notifying all brokers and accounts that have the stock. IF they do it right and timely the BMTI ticker symbol should be invalid the same day the CVR symbol trades. It is not a simple process and can take a few days to a week.