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  • stocktries stocktries Dec 21, 2011 2:42 PM Flag

    LNN - price action

    I actually thought the numbers were pretty good. Beat on revs $119.4M vs $101.96 from 7 analysts. EPS, adding back in the one time give $0.57 vs $0.45 from 7 analysts. The one time charge was to cover 5-10 years of estimated costs.
    I think on the surface, it appeared to some that this was a so so quarter or even a miss on eps but I think this was misread.

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    • LNN 60 is my target on the upside;

      to hold 45 on the downside.

      If positive signs for agriculture and stock market on the upside, LNN could see 80+. (Compare to big brother VMI)

      The bid/ask spread large for this small cap; more than most. Started off at 56+ open to 49.xx on the low side - day traders dreams!

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      • I sold 100 yesterday at $58.90 I have a smaller lot on the block in a limit order over $60. LNN will continue to strengthen with the soybeans action. It's market cap make it a target at near $70. I continue Channel trading the stock re-purchasing 10 to 25 share larger lots than I sell on the slides. Giving the huge volatility in LNN I suspect there are probably some hedge funds involved here as well. Once they step aside many of these kinds of stocks tend to have big slumps.

        So I am channel trading which is what another poster is describing as a version of day trading?

        I have been adding to RRC on it's slide to ~$55 and below. Caught an intraday traunche in at $52.84 earlier this week. I like disposals at ~$66. Lots of risk with politicalizing of the fracking issues and the slide in gas which may not stop until we get below $1.50/MM~BTU.

      • I havent been daytrading this stock but have been on a weekly basis--- maybe you call this daytrading?? Its been good for the past few months but I know that it will not last forever and at some point I will get burnt a bit. Another stock one might look at (for speculators only but do your own DD) is a small Bio Comp called ECYT. I got in at $4 and hoping it recovers on the hope that this Company has more in the coffin than just this one drug and that hoepfully it was just oversold?? worth checking out and prividing ones views. Good luck

    • They wrote .37 cents off for the long term epa bs and made .23 cents = .60 cents.The market did misread this.I traded this 4 times yesterday.Would love for it to go back to 50.25 or lower.Nice long term hold with lots of prilosec.The analysts have a hard time with the eps range as well as the stock pickers.Just look at the range.FWIW E9

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