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  • Robberbarron_2000 Robberbarron_2000 May 28, 1999 1:45 PM Flag

    International Strategy

    I am wondering how LNN is tackling the promising
    international markets. Africa, for example, must present a huge
    opportunity for LNN. True, African dictators are still not
    interested in spending money on the well-being of their
    population. However, a good sales pitch, pointing out
    enormous agricultural efficiencies gained with LNN
    equipment, may have its positive effects in a great many
    saharan and subsaharan countries.

    So far, the only
    meaningful US business interests in Africa are still tied to
    oil exploration, precious metals and base metals. In
    agricultural equipment (and services), LNN could make a huge
    contribution which would not only make sense from a social and
    environmental perspective but also from an economic one. Both
    of these factors would be extremely well-received by
    Wall Street.

    In short, if a well-coordinated
    international strategy were implemented and properly sold to
    Wall Street, I believe that this stock could have
    tremendous upside potential.

    Just an idea. Any

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    • Did not read the Barron article but i have
      followed this company as long as the bass family-Parker
      was there along time as ceo he did not need to have
      his hand in the cookie jar and was paid commensurate
      with his tenure-that is irrelevant at htis point
      anyway-its a value play but without growth and tentative on
      the acquisition front-loaded with green but not used
      to shareholder interest more a security blanket in
      my opinion-its a pure play in center pivot
      irrigation and outsource manufacturing seasonal and cyclical
      what a combo and naturally i bought it years ago.

    • I heard that Parker was fired and did not retire. An insider reported that it was possiblr that Parker had his hand in the cookie jar.

    • Didn't necessarily mean he was driven for the employee, or the general good of the company...should have clarified I meant when it came to himself.


    • he has been at the helm for along time in
      possession of the cash to grow by acquisition as a stated
      goal-the bass family has been rattling the cage for some
      time -agree so far? he never pulled the trigger after
      examining with his staff many opportunities-still agree?
      they had to be cajoled into paying dividend when they
      had cash sitting- still do have a couple dollars a
      share in cash last time i looked-take yourself private
      buy it all back as you have to make an appointment to
      buy this stock anyway-he did the job but was
      conservative in a cyclical business -i agree something may
      break here!

    • Have to note here that Parker is anything but
      "not a driven guy". He is typical of the type of
      person it takes to run a successful company, VERY
      DRIVEN. That is why, I find it very hard to believe he
      has retired. People of this position just don't
      retire. There has to be some strings attached to this
      somewhere... time will tell. I can't help but think it is
      attached to good news in the long run.



    • It appears as though Parker is not the only one
      who is not getting too excited about changes. When
      the COB/CEO/Pres. announces his pending retirement
      and the market totally ignores that announcement, you
      begin to wonder if it really matters. Doesn't anyone

    • there is no apparent reason for the stock to be
      trading at the top of its range.Parker is a deer with his
      eyes in the headlights- he could not pull the trigger
      on any acquisitions for 10 years -he is probably
      very comfortable and it would serve him right if lnn
      was taken over i am sure the bass family would
      welcome a suitor! I am sure he would be well compensated
      in that event!

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    • While Lindsay continues to chase Valmont in the
      U.S. they continue to lead internationally. I have
      confidence that picture will not change. On the other hand,
      drought, flood, and low crop prices in the U.S. have
      scared farmers into withholding new investment in
      irrigation systems. LNN management could have avoided this
      situation by using their cash to diversify away from
      farming. We have been promised such company purchases for
      at least ten years, but it has not happened. With
      analysts forecasting 75 cents this year and 95 cents next,
      our stock is not cheap.

      The price increase
      from $15 to $21 came on low volume, and the recent
      retreat has reflected the same disinterest. Gary Parker,
      it's time to move.

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