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  • nickp60 nickp60 Feb 14, 2010 6:46 PM Flag

    I'm Getting Tired of Costco

    Too many old people not buying anything, but "sampling" and "pigging out" on the free food and clogging up the isles. That moron Jimmy Kimbel or Kindle (featured recently in the Costco propoganda Connection) said shopping at Costco was a "soothing experince." Good for him. To me, it is highly stressful and I would rather shop at Sam's Club or Supertarget. Prices are about the same.

    . . . more to come.

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    • If something costs half as much but last more than half as long, isn't it a better deal?

    • engy,our batteries (kirkland)are no good i hate to admit
      but at half the price they last more than half as long
      it works

    • Maybe you should turn off your flashlight once in a while and you would get longer life from your batteries. Also, why don't you find out who makes the batteries. Its probably the same vendor using the same materials as the batteries you are now buying.

    • Lots of the Kirkland branded merchandise is no different than a branded product, just with a different label. Costco gets to sell quality products at a substantial discount to the branded product. The vendor keeps his name and his margins at other retailers, and gets to keep selling to Costco and get paid on time. Costco sells more product, cheaper, with more inventory turns and sells more memberships. Membership sales are the profit margin, plus or minus. Everything else is sold at "Cost", no pun intended. So, you may like or dislike the Kirkland brand, but it is just rebranded from some other vendor.

    • Such a situation would let itself best to someone building a new house, someone who is picking out a new bed frame, and in which there is no existing mattress to haul away. Costco doesn't claim to be the best in all situations.

      The good thing here is that you were able to read what their conditions are, and then decide to agree or to give your business to one of the many other companies that sell mattresses.

      Contrast that to the "we're a monopoly, so piss off" attitude by the cable companies.

    • fattymcbutterpants2001 fattymcbutterpants2001 Feb 20, 2010 10:29 AM Flag

      Check this out. Want a new bed....we'll get it to you in a MONTH or so. We WILL NOT remove the old mattress. You better have it out-of-our way when we deliver. And the frame had better be set-up for us too. We only deliver M-F 9AM to 5PM, so you're going to miss work too. Pathetic....

    • That's too bad! Pick up some vitamins next time your out shopping at Sam's club or Supertarget so you won't feel so crappy!

      By the way, no one wants to read more about your dislike for Costco! Spare us of your b***hing!

      If you dislike it so much, get the f**k off this board and please short this stock

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      • Actually, I think many potential investors would LOVE to hear my opinions about Costco. It sounds like you feel threatened by people who do not hold your same opinions. How sad.

        Here are a few more not so great facts potential investors should know about Costco.

        1. Months ago, the Costco [propaganda] Connection magazine ran a front page article about Al Gore and his idiotic liberal global climate (purely political)agenda. The Costco Connection bought what Gore said "hook-line-and sinker". What Costco did not anticipate was that the article severely alienated and pi##$ed off 50% of their customers. In their next issue, the moronic Costco Connection publisher/editor grovelled on their hands and knees, and apologized for not doing their homework.

        2. Farmer's markets are opening up in small markets around America. These markets typically sell meat, chicken and fish for 30% less than Costco. Also, their meat is grass fed and all-natural. On the other hand, I wouldn't touch Costco's beef (at least in recent years). The Farmer's markets also have exceptional prices on fruits and produce (e.g., $.69/lb. for organic apples). What is Costco's price? $1.59/lb.? Hmmm, which would you buy? This trend does not bode well for Costco.

        3. Costco has lost its edge in bringing cool products to its stores at great prices. So many times, Costco merchandise is nearly the exact same from month-to-month. Boring.

      • Well said.

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