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  • wmbscott1946 wmbscott1946 Aug 26, 2010 11:28 PM Flag

    Costco's Role in Erik Scott's shooting

    When will Costco take partial responsibility for the horrific shooting death of my son, Erik Scott, in front of its Summerlin (Las Vegas) store on July 10th? At least release the surveillance video stored offsite, which would show what happened to Erik, when he was gunned down by three cops for the "crime" of carrying a legal concealed weapon -- and he had a concealed-carry permit issued by the same department that killed him!

    Shareholders: Do you really want to be part owners of a business that sure seems to be helping Las Vegas cops cover up this shooting death? Advice: Read "A Devil's Deal" at, then SELL.

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    • I don't want a guy on drugs carrying a concealed weapon under ANY circumstances. How did he manage to even get a permit?

    • Maybe you should consider leaving Las Vegas. That place does have heavy handed cops.

      Sorry about your loss.

      Why did your son carry a concealed weapon even with a permit? Did he need to carry a weapon?

    • to everyone here I have one simple question: What the heck happened to the store vidoe of this incidident??? Incredibly is it not available to look at even today??????????

    • Give up already. Sorry about your tragedy but do I have I have to read your stupid posts daily. We have all lost somebody but we can't blame everything blindly in hopes of a financial reward. I lost a father to medical malpractice but our family has moved on. Your posting is a waste of time for all of us.

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      • i agree, just because you have a concealed weapons permit the last thing I want is a gun nut carrying a loaded gun around my kid then having an attitude about it. The costco policy of "NO GUNS ON THEIR PROPERTY" applies to everyone, not only to those that wish to abide by them. Then you get in an argument with a store employee for asking you to leave because you have a gun showing? It may be tragic that someone got killed for it, but see how far that permit will get you in a bank when other people see it even by "accident"

    • I am sorry to hear about your loss.

    • Costco is in this picture only as a location, the Las Vegas Police and the defendant (albeit deceased aka the estate of the deceased)are the actors. Roll

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      • WRONG! You can't yell fire in a theater and have your false alarm be ignored if injury or damage occurs.
        COSTCOs 911 call gave the impression that some whacked out gun nut was tearing the place apart and threatening people with his gun. Not one wittness has confirmed this, not one.
        This whole thing is a matter of perspective. One guy says he couldn't believe SCOTT slowly reaching for his gun after cops confronted him. SLOWLY...could that mean that he moved deliberately after saying he was disarming? YES.
        COSTCO and Vegas Metro are into this one for some very big bucks and though COSTCO won't feel it, Metro will as they should. They executed this guy at point blank when he was trying to comply with their directives! THE GUN REMAINED HOLSTERED the entire time! This is as bad as OJs gloves that wouldn't fit! its a joke! The cops screwed up, they can't admit it because of liability and job security! Oh, and jail for murder.

    • I am so sorry to learn about your son! Nothing is worst than losing a child. I understand your pain, I to have lost thru violant death. My son served in the USMC and passed while in Iraq. We have to believe there is more to life than just living and dieing...there will be eternal life in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ! and that day will be awsome! and Costco...No excuse for not assisting in this horrible event! What are they thinking!Stand up Costco, make a difference!

    • Mr Scott, I am also a Pointer but setting that aside, I am outraged at what happened to your Son Erik. This event borders on execution or pre-meditated murder. The gun was never unsheathed. It sounds like conflicting directives were given and that your Son was going to be wrong no matter what he did.
      It further, sounds like one of the officers/Stark who fired once hesitated for some reason and I deduce he saw things as less threatening or non- threatening at all; however fired the shot to create that solidarity that cops are notorious for having when they are wrong or have exceeded their authority and know that if they all act the same they sink or swim together.
      It seems clear to me that COSTCOs part in this tragic event is on multiple levels:1) the employee who encountered your Son...panic'd because of the gun. Dropping merchandise, especially steel water bottles probably made some racket. In any event, my impression of what happened is that the PD thought they were responding to a raging, armed, lunatic.
      No one was threatened with a gun inside or outside of the store, except your Son. Your Son posed no threat to anyone inside or outside the store.
      To net it out, I hope you prevail in your civil case and that Metro is forced to open their checkbooks wide and deep and COSTCO as well for their crying wolf and presenting a picture that defies any judgement or logic what-so-ever.
      One could say you have your first victory in that officials are talking about changuing the INQUEST process. What I say to the Chief of Police and others is, shame on you for your indirect admission to how screwed up your process (that you all have been using for years) of INQUEST is, it shows us all that for 34 years, you have successfully calluded in carrying out a one sided process that guarantees protection to the PD that is not offered to anyother person in america who may have committed a wrongful/illegal act. The INQUEST was a measured exercise clearly orchestrated to paint Erik as the bad guy here when in fact, it was the incompetence of 3 cops who have been stripped of their responsibility to act rationally by giving them the " I felt threatened" , or " ...he served as a threat to others", defense for their actions, in this case, executing an innocent man, a man who has served and contributed to this nation and the very community that killed him.

    • wmbscott
      This is the first I have read anything about this. I am sorry that your son has died, providing that this is a legitimate post. For this message board, would you please tell us what all happened here? Your link does not work. I can not believe that Costco played a purposeful role in someone's death. But, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, please detail what happened.
      Thank you

    • Sorry for your loss, but where was his family when dealing his on going drug addiction, he had seven times more morphine in his systm than normal ,incoherent, and carrying two guns into the store, and did not obey officiers request to disarm.....

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      • This week a jury unanImously agreed that the police had done nothing criminal in the shooting death of the Boston Scientific salesman outside of the Summerlin Costco . The family has publicly said terrible things about the city of Las Vegas, Metro and Costco.
        Costco released a statement today that can be found on the Las Vegas Sun.
        I am not a shareholder or member of Costco but use the Yahoo investment board for information on a number of stocks I own. If you could have seen the lovely elderly women that gave testimony to the jury on what they witnessed that day you would be proud of the actions this company took to protect innocent shoppers and the grandchildren that they had with them.

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