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  • mr_nimble_2_you mr_nimble_2_you Apr 15, 2013 10:46 AM Flag


    Due to popular demand I wanted to start clean here. Fanboyz who do not want to ack. legitimate cons will ult. pay the price in a lower share price if they/mngmt. will not respond to issues
    Now lets get buzy shall we? btw, this is all in my humble opinoin. Did everyoen ge tthat? just my opinion. ok just my opinion, alright, did you ge tthat? lol

    yearly fee- 'free' money and makes the whole thing work for gosh sakes lol
    large store concept lower prices on bulk and other items works. people love lower prices
    store comps continue to show growth albeit slowing
    model obvoiously works, esp. in good times econmy

    annual fee and new higher annual fee a turn off for some woudl be customers
    some peole 'cheat' and are able to share cards or jus tgive a list to 3rd party, etc.
    QUALITY OF SOME ITEMS IS #$%$ IM MY OPINION ONLY. did you catch that jsut my opinion!
    management seems 'out ot lunhc' when it comes to managing. this has been evidenced in a myriad of ways (more later
    continued growth at same levels will be a challenge as growth of larger and larger base becomes unsustainable in long run.
    shopping wholesale discount can sometimes feel a bit 'icky' for the more well to so. Oh yeah more well to so folks knwo what I mean. 'Nuff said.

    Ok folks, there is a starting point. Pleae feel free to add your won. we do NOT need every particular and every detail in the world. What I am trying to do is get us focused on this simple question: if costco a good stock buy investment at these levels? Why or why not. If ther are issue why are they not being addressed. What woudl make costco really great? What woudl slowly but surely make it poorer.

    In the end I am more than shocked at the negative experiences I have had and talked about prevously. Also I am trying to understand what kind of buyer buys precooked food and some other idtemns that sux , inWoudl anyone like to put up a defencse for costco? If not, why not?

    Good day.

    Note: this is all in my opinion only. !!

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