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  • supermarketinvestor supermarketinvestor Jun 7, 2000 1:05 AM Flag

    Costco Yonkers

    I heard about a problem in this store yesterday.

    A customer kept close tabs on what they were
    purchacing as they when through the store. When the item
    were scanned by the cashier there was a sizable
    difference. When the customer asked for the cashier to
    re-ring the order beause it could not be right, the
    cashier as she should have call over a manager. The
    manager refused to work with the customer. The customer
    became so upset at the treatmeant by the manager that
    they demanded their membership fee back. The were
    taken to the customer service counter were they were
    verbaly abused by the male customer service manager.

    Upon leaving the store they were followed by one of
    the managers and their licence plate was taken. They
    remained in the parking lot and when they saw police
    arriving they aproached them. It apears that a reportof an
    assult on a cahier has been called in. 3 police cars
    responded. When the story was told and the cashier said no
    one has assulted her the police refused to file a

    I will be very carful at Costco next time
    I shop there. Thier management seems to be young
    imature and impulsive.
    Someone owes this coustomer a
    biiiig appology and management needs to take a serious
    look at who they hire.

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    • Do you expect people to believe this story?

    • and polite comment. I too have acquaintences who
      work for Costco. They too aer concerned with attitudes
      withb their fellow employees. My wife and I are both
      professional people with responsible positions and although I
      am semi retired I do sit on the boards of four
      corporations. I LOVE to trade in the stock market. I have had
      NO altercations with Costco employees but have
      witnessed such rudeness to others as to be unforgiveable. I
      have however been "lectured" by a checker because we
      requested boxes for our purchases (he felt if we wanted
      boxes we should have brought our own) and when I spoke
      with the evening manager on the floor about it he
      informed me that I should bring my own boxes. I did ask if
      he thought Mr. Sinegal would have enjoyed being
      lectured like that and he did drop his head ad say no. I
      have sent an e-mail to Mr. Sinegal about that incident
      and have had no response of any kind. I have shopped
      and owned Costco since they first came here in the
      late 1980's and we both agree that the attitudes
      concering service has deteriorated immensly in this store.
      We have no other Costco to compare with although
      there are several in Portland we have not shopped them.
      I say this to let you know that I speak about first
      hand experience.
      On the other note of customers
      being accosted...two employees of an unamed store in
      Beaverton have just this week been convicted of beating a
      customer with pipes and this inside of the confines of
      their store. I am not that sure it proves anything
      except the concept of "Customer Service" is rapidly
      flyng out the door. btw..I cannot apply any of this to
      BEST BUY...I think they have gotten the picture and
      are truly out to give customers service..*S* My
      regards to you Sir.

    • What's there to be jealous of?

      You give
      yourself way too much credit.

      What does it matter
      if you have not seen my name before? I don't see
      that posting multiple times per day has any basis for
      validating what one has to say.

      I was just calling it
      like I saw it.

      If I recall, you were at first
      pro-COST, and recently have shifted gears. Good luck with
      whatever it is that you stand for.


    • Didn't know you posed...

      Mrs. F4

    • eom

    • ooooh...did I hit a sore spot? A little
      self-conscious about that tooth?

      BTW, linguistically
      speaking, the phrase "stem from some unfulfillment" is

      Piss off, sweetie.

      Mrs. F4

    • I detect some kinda jealousy seeing as I have never seen your name before?..*rotfl*

    • You are one to talk as you pant over Pinewell, what kind of behavior is that?

    • putting down people here on the boards? Does it
      do something for you inside?? seem to derive
      enjoyment from that sort of sick thing. I have watched you
      do it so many time to so many people. It has to be
      your hobby right?...Could it stem from some
      unfulfillment???...think about it sweetie.*S*

    • You don't have to revert because you never got
      there to begin with. You have to be able to think in
      order to think diminutively.

      No sore spots here,
      but you better get in for your checkup...the VD
      police have your address.

      Go on back to the
      trailer park and don't forget to brush your

      Mrs. F4

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