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  • mikkll mikkll Jul 2, 2004 10:28 AM Flag


    JW, let's face it Cuban is a self promoter first and foremost. No hero for sure.
    He failed to follow through with his promise to crosspromote Mamma with his businesses.
    Why did he sell? Did he see something questionable? Where was the guy who claims constantly that you must be passionate and LOUD to support what you believe in. Let's assume he saw the pp as a potential short attack or possible death spiral event. Where is the passionate hero he talks about? He ran if this is the case.
    As you know Mamma doesn't need Cuban, the company will survive without him. Yeah I trimmed my holdings because I couldn't figure out why a guy who claims be a fighter tucked and ran.
    I can't hate the guy because when he jumped in in March I was holding quite a few thousand shares.
    That was a good day for you too.

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    • Yeah mik, I am not even down.

      I see a possible short squeeze with yahoos earnings next week and google ipo imminent.

      I think it is possible that management just didn't want him telling them what to do.

      They found another investor without too much trouble. Maybe someone who will be more hands off.