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    sign me up!

    to any lawyers who are reading this board, you're gonna make a killing and all we want is to see the ceo go to jail!

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    • It seems like I read where Kott is in jail the heck did he run a pump and dump from jail? Wouldn't the guards be watching? I think I smell a rat.

    • Yo blood, the CEO would have to be Helen Keller at 3 years old to not have planned this manipulation. EOM

    • Thanks...

    • thanks for the help skybric we are getting a great team here, lets nail these Bastards

    • I ran the text through Babel Fish. It basically states the insider trading last March was carried through by exercising options and flipping the shares at a tidy profit.

      Here is the Bable Fish translation:

      The leaders of carried out substantial profits during a stock exchange bubble between March and August 2004, which is the subject of investigation of Securities and Exchange Commission American (SEC). These completely legal transactions could however be the subject of complaints by the shareholders of, according to conclusions' of the investigation of the SEC or the conclusions of the internal investigation that required at an independent committee which includes/understands juricomptables. The Press learned yesterday that the law firm American Ademi & O' Reilly started to solicit investors who feel flou�s by the fluctuations of the action of Ademi & O' Reilly are a firm of right of the businesses of Milwaukee which has a speciality in the field of the recourse collectives against firms dimensioned out of Stock Exchange. The SEC makes investigation into a stock exchange bubble which saw the price action to make it a return ticket of 4,05 $ US (on March 2, 2004) to 17,49 $ US (April 8), then with 4,64 $ US (August 13). The SEC also inquires into the bonds between and the stock exchange defrauder montr�alais Irving Kott. The company makes also an internal investigation into this situation. By consulting the register Internet SEDI which details the transactions of the initiates of companies dimensioned out of Stock Exchange, one can make calculations on the value of these transactions. The SEDI is not a simple data base and the journalistic practice is to check with the chief of the financial direction. But that of, Daniel Bertrand, did not point out the Press yesterday. During the first days of the stock exchange bubble, March 5, 2004, the chief of the financial direction, Daniel Bertrand, initially exerted 10 000 options with 1,50 $ US (all the amounts are in US dollars) and 5000 options with 1,97 $ and at once resold the 10 000 actions with 10,28 $ each one. The same day and, later, in May, it exerted a total of 10 000 other options at an average price from approximately 2,25 $, that it resold in the neighbourhoods of 11 $. Its total profit between March and May was 172 243,50 $. President de, Guy Faur�, exerted March 5 50 000 options with 1,51 $ and it has the same day very resold with 10,20 $. It exerted 7500 other options with 1,99 $ the same day and it sold 5000 of them to 10,49 $ on March 29. Total profit: 472 025 $. The former minister Claude E Forget, who sits at the board of directors since 1999 and which was during some time chair of Intasys Billing, one of divisions of (which was called then Intasys), sold on June 1 30 000 actions to 12 $. According to register Internet of the transactions of initiates SEDI, these actions came from a block of actions already held by Mr. Forget, won over at a price not indicated in the register. Mr. Forget indicated I yesterday

    • If people don't realize that if you play the market you can lose. When they do they want to file suit. I hope you do drive the price down and give it 2-4 weeks and it will recover after initial drop.

      Banks are paying 3% now on CD's no exposure go get you some.

      I will not be a part of suit.