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  • lejafi lejafi Apr 29, 2009 2:43 PM Flag

    CO2 a compound NOT a polutant !


    Some body correct the Government tree huggers and the corrupt gore Media.

    Carbon dioxide (chemical formula: CO2) is a chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure and exists in Earth's atmosphere in this state.

    Carbon dioxide is used by plants during photosynthesis to make sugars which may either be consumed again in respiration or used as the raw material to produce polysaccharides such as starch and cellulose, proteins and the wide variety of other organic compounds required for plant growth and development. It is produced during respiration by plants, and by all animals, fungi and microorganisms that depend on living and decaying plants for food, either directly or indirectly. It is, therefore, a major component of the carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is generated as a by-product of the combustion of fossil fuels or the burning of vegetable matter, among other chemical processes. Large amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted from volcanoes and other geothermal processes such as hot springs and geysers and by the dissolution of carbonates in crustal rocks.

    Carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is currently at a globally averaged concentration of 387 ppm by volume.

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    • So....what was the CO2 reading 10 years ago, 20,and 30 ago?

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      • "So....what was the CO2 reading 10 years ago, 20,and 30 ago?"

        It doesn't matter. Currently, the natural cycles (e.g., sunspot, southern oscillation) dominate ANY effect man has. VEI6 or > volcanic explosions high in sulfur dioxide would really put us in the cooler (> -2C worldwide).

        Days of the dinosaurs? Oxygen was 18% of the atmosphere in the age of Dinosaurs. A lot of Oh-2 was tied up in carbon dioxide. Yeah, earth was a warmer place. You would need to burn up essentially most of the coal, oil shale, oil, gas and control absorption of carbon dioxide into the ocean to get you there. It would also help to get rid of Central America so the oceans can help more efficiently distribute heat to help the process along.

        Get the feeling this whole manmade global warming thing is a tad premature? Cleaner, renewable energy is the issue. Manmade global warming is BS.

        Oh, if you really want to do something about global warming stick a hose up your @$$ and feed it into a condenser to pull the methane stream out of your flatulence. Methane is four-times more effective at trapping IR (heat) in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Go chase some dairy and beef cows around and do the same.

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