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  • pstew95 pstew95 Oct 24, 2010 1:33 AM Flag

    AH, on to some baseball talk...

    As for baseball, you have talked total trash in two posts recently. I didn't come looking for this. The Giants were always the underdog. I said the Phills are the NL Champs until someone knocks them off. Only respect intended. All I can say now is, SCOREBOARD, AH, SCOREBOARD! Look at it, "Giant Slayer"! Let's not forget this one, "your head will be spinning after tonights ain't seen nothing yet....these guys can walk on water when they need to."... Such smack-talk from you AH, I never expected. Looks like all your prognostication is circling the drain. First, all that cheerleading "the recovery will be swift", "VLO $20+", then the Giants smack. You may need to zip your pie hole until your accuracy returns. Given enough time, sure, VLO will see $20+ again. Not near-term, not in this environment... The Phillies got punked by a gritty team of misfits. The Texans appear far superior. But then again, so did the Phillies.

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    • P..

      I am indeed completely humbled this morning...nuff said, except congratulations to the Giants...they were the better team.

      As for $20 bucks before the bell tolls on 2010...I stick with that prediction.


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      • GC- Lee is untouchable, but he can only throw two games. Rangers will win the series the way they beat the Yankees, with bats. If they spot the Giants 3 runs before the 1st inning of every game, Tx would still win 7-5. I will not talk any Giants smack because they were overmatched (but got lucky) against Philly, and are overmatched against the Rangers, and the luck's about due to run dry.

        AH- Perhaps it is I who owes an apology. You made a couple sports statements with the emotion of a fan. After reading my response, it was obviously harsh, also made with the emotion of a fan. You're still the Refining Wizard. Using a simplistic approach, you've shared more winning trades on this board than I ever will. We'll continue to agree and disagree in good spirit, on sport and stock. I hope you know, most of the time when I lob one over your bow, it is in the competitive spirit of showing an opposing view. I may spell better, buy you're still my older, wiser, big brother.

      • I feel your pain AH. My LSU Tigers met a buzz saw offense.

    • Pstew....

      I will sum up the Series in two words.... CLIFF LEE. EOM

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