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  • z70sthing z70sthing Nov 21, 2011 4:17 PM Flag

    Who Is In Charge Of The Super Committee?

    Is is Obama?
    Wow what change! And they use an eraser in their commercials
    for re-election?

    Better have some very good news in the making or that is what
    they will get, an eraser from office

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    • ;) ......

    • AH, it might surprise you to know that I worked several construction jobs up in Iowa. We were talking about Herman Cain being a possible GOP choice for president and I'm for one am amazed that he is so strong in the polls up there. I never noticed them talking in the third person while I worked there. But maybe they do. Suppose we see how that might work in the fictional story of....say Farmer john brown selling his pigs to ADM or whoever and call this buyer SAM... "Hey John, hot as the devil, why not come in the office and have a cold coke on me while the boys weigh your load". "John Brown doesn't drink sodas anymore". "Huh?" "Well fine john, but come in and take a load off your feet while the guys take care of you". "John Browns going to stay out here till my pigs get weighed". "OK by me john, but, OK suit yourself. Jill will have your check for you when you come in". "What's the matter sam?" "I don't know jill. I've know john for 20 years and somethings bad wrong". "Why?" "I just invited him into the office and offered to buy him a coke and he's just talking weird". "How?" "Heck, I can't explain it, but somethings wrong, maybe you" "shsh here he comes". "Hi John, I just gave jill the weight slip, check will be ready in a minute". "Sure I can't buy you a ice tea or something". "john browns ok sam, thanks". "What political party are you sam?" "Wha ,well john that's none of your business. Say are you ok?" "john brown fine sam." " john brown went to the herman cain rally yesterday and didn't see you there." "Well no john I wasn't". "john brown heard herman cains economic plan and likes it". "Yeah john, well that's great, but do you it would work for us." " Yes, herman cain said herman cain would make it work for us". "Huh? ok yeah well fine, tell me about it". "john brown can't tell you but he can write it". "Huh?? ok well heres some paper". "john brown believes in this...." "STOP THAT CHECK JILL AND TELL THE BOYS TO LOAD JOHNS PIGS BACK ON HIS TRUCK" " What's the matter sam?" "I'M THROWING YOU OUT IS WHAT'S THE MATTER." "Why sam? you know freida and me got kids to feed." "John, I alway's thought you were a christain and now you're talking weird and writing things worse than I could ever imagine". "What thing??" "john?" "Yes Sam" "I want you to tell me what you wrote and none of that crazy i'm here but also over there b.s. talk or i'm throwing you outa here! "sam, i don't know wha, 999 is what i wrote, what's the matter? "Alright john my mistake JILL UNLOAD THIS MANS PIGS AND CUT HIM A CHECK." "So what did I do sam to set you off?" "My mistake john you see you've been talking kinda funny and that number you wrote." "yes. 999?" "Well let's just say it looked a lot different from my side of the counter". "Come on john, let's both have a cold drink. I'm buying".

    • No apologize's just that it seems you like to bash Republicans and give the Democrats a free ride.....both parties are basically horrible.....

      All groups that are political in nature seem to drift right or left....and most of us are in the middle.....where is our party?


    • Sorry AH. I am making a sincere effort not to upset you and the traders on this board. I do remember the short I was planning for VLO that you advised against and turned out to be right. I have no fear of them raising my taxes. Nothing would make me happier than if Bush tax breaks would expire for everybody. I think it's the ONLY way we can go forward. I think it's a tragedy that they were implemented in the first place during a time of national peril and war. Had they not been enacted the wars in Iraq and Afganistan would have easily been paid for and our national debt would be under 10 trillion. That's simple math. As far as poking fun at Herman Cain........the third person's weird to me AH. It's like seeing someone pick their nose. First i want to ignore it. Then i just wish they would stop. I'll try to explain but don't get out of sorts that I feel while Mr.Cain is fine at running a pizza chain, he seems a strange choice (In my opinion) to represent the country.

    • Gumby

    • Been their and put up with their bull!

      Served This Country, a Veteran, unemployed, denied unemployment, taking away what savings is left and they
      call this change? Go to the store and foreigners are using food stamps! Maybe should get a visa and re-enter
      the Country again! Maybe at least they would give food stamps

      Maybe should have listen to the drill instructor better!

      Or been a senators son!

      What a total waste of money and time for who ever came up with this Committee!

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      • Let's just imagine you were at the poker table. The republicans have signed a pledge with Grover G. new taxes for any reason and shrink the government to the size of a bathtub,then shrink it again. Democrats are committed to raising revenue by getting rid of the Bush tax cuts. All that fair enough? Ok, republican states (red states) have needed over $2.00 in federal outlays (mostly in defense) for every dollar collected in federal taxes on average per capita. Leon Pinneta has called the 400 billion in the forced deal impossible cuts to the absorb, but what is Interesting is that Democratic states like Minnesota. New Jersey,Connecticut, New York, all pay more in federal taxes than they recieve in federal spending and even California get nowhere near what red states need to keep their state economies running. So why would you push for a agenda that will help states that won't vote for you anyway? The Democrats can't lose, but my state (Arizona) can't win with their agenda. The cut federal spending we lose. They cut taxes even more.........well the Bush tax cuts are not's a asinine arguement and it's never worked....ever.

      • We veterans should get together and ocuppy something. Maybe they will let us hang out at Hooters?

    • Victor Frankenstein.

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      • You guys are close...Nancy and John....

        What a disaster....

        I bet they would be shamed into getting it done today...I bet on them with a load....I was wrong again....this is beyond can not be fixed.....

        We have the TP and we need the " find a real leader party"

        Republicans and Democrats are all a collective group of leaderless ...

        Obama supporters are jumping ship...even Chris Mathews this weekend....Chris is a dyed in wool Democrat whose Dad was a precinct whip in Philly .... These families are blindly Democrats....and he jumps off the Obama wagon....and for exactly what I said since day three ...he is not a leader?....he is a fake.....he is a very smart snake oil salesman....

        Game over...


    • I think it is George Soros

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