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  • midav2752 midav2752 Dec 26, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

    Roger Clara

    Care to explain why you don't like the Idea of giving the individual states exactly what their elected representatives voted for by their people want? What, are you a republican living in a blue state? I thought that Idea would satisfy our disagreements. In any case majority rules. If the state is represented by congressmen that want only cuts.............I say let them have them. It wouldn't be the first time individual states got to choose which way to strike a balance between federal spending in that state and revenue from taxation. If Virginia and Mississippi want cut's..............quit ordering ships and submarines for the Navy. I worked two years on the H.W. Bush and know how expensive it was for the taxpayer. If Maine or San Diago want to raise taxes on those making more than 250,000 to pay for them...........ship the jobs there. If thats not enough "cutting" to satisfy the federal "spending" problem in virginia or mississipi start cutting social security, health, and veterans benefits in the state that voted for these leaders who are driving the whole country over the fiscal cliff. I see no reason for everybody not getting what they want.

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    • Mid, I'll starting to feel sorry for you. You seem to really be in need of attention. You come up with a crazy idea to prove a point that makes you feel good. Red states (the south) get more federal dollars than the blue states. I'm not going to argue that, but your obsessing (sp) on it is dangerous to your mental health. There are 3 or 4 democrats that post here and if you can get 1 to speak up for your plan, I might tear it apart for your, but at this point in time, its just your rant and not worthy of discussion. The king of hissy fits and rants and you attack Pound, thats funny. By the way what was wrong with my post? Take the extremes and split the difference and make that law. Take each problem and deal with it by taking the extremes and splitting the differenvce. If they would do that, both parties win and we win. Leave my wife out of this, we share an email account and thats where the rogerclara comes from. Your insinuations (sp) are low class.

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      • Roger, I'm not insinuating anything about your wife. Pound took up a message addressed specifically to you. That's implies some kind of intimacy if you ask me. Unless he just feels you are a weakling and cannot or are at a loss of words to answer. I could be wrong, but there is another implication you make that I'll not accept. That you are sane and I'm not and that I throw hissy fits. First of all ..........the majority of americans including a majority of the wealthy think the agenda put forth by the red states through their elected congressmen are wrong. Second my messages contain no hint of anger....just solutions, and they are no more a "hissyfit" than yours. Pounds are. The main point is this fiscal cliff (sequester) and the debt ceiling fight is one of the most important decisions of our generation. We can't continue to add trillions to the national debt and we cannot continue to fight over raising the debt ceiling. I can give you a whole room of republicans and democrats that think the current republican party is way too radical and completely on the wrong track. That's with all the university nieces and nephews in the room but their is a lot of anger displayed (without any help from me) over this intractability problem republicans in congress have.My sister is a tax preparer who also works at a law firm and she is the one who informed me that the wealthy get every tax break I get up to the $250,000 limit. Don't feel sorry for brother has a small business and business is slow. He is far more worried about his clients not getting a tax break than if he gets one. All these people (and me at one time) used to be proud republicans.............and not one voted (or at least admitted to voting in front of the kids) for Romney.

    • This Sap of a "progressive" doesn't want federal cuts! Does that suprise ANYONE? Let's see how 'progressive" he is when the tax man raises his taxes 30%! When are these "progressives" EVER going to grow up and act like an Adult??

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      • Hey pound, stop being a jerk and calling people names. Nobody likes you and the message wasn't addressed to you unless you are one of rogers yahoo ids. I will explain the above message since you obviously misunderstood it. To balance the federal budget there is disagreement between the republican call for just spending cuts and a more balanced approach that would allow everybody including the wealthy to get the same tax structure today and tommorrow as last year .............up to $250,000 dollars. I propose that the states that voted for representatives in congress that are calling for "cuts only" get them. I propose they award the blue states the military and contract jobs where representatives in congress want the balanced approach. This way the men in the house (who may just be afraid of losing the considerable money that the private lobbiest Grover Norquist commands) drive the entire country over the fiscal cliff over a disagreement on how to remedy the unbalance of federal spending vs individual taxation in the 50 individual states.

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