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  • sputnick_again sputnick_again Mar 13, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    Dang those analyst guessers

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Energy stocks fell on Wednesday with refiners among the hardest hit after analysts at Macquarie downgraded HollyFrontier Corp., CVR Energy Inc., and Valero Energy Corp. on concerns they will have a hard time meeting federal renewable fuels requirements.

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    • "hard time meeting government standards"

      What the heck does that mean......pure poppycock.....the consumer will pay the price.....the government will not set unattainable standards....or risk having a revolution.

      I swear these analysit are nuts some times......although I heard that in Salt Lake they want catalytic converters installed on Burger to cut down on the unburned beef fat going into the air......

      It is getting crazy out there....but believe me....gasoline will continue to be made....and at a profit.

      And VLO/HFC will be a making it....hard????? are you kidding....nothing is hard.....hard is when the best companies get going. Now DK and may be hard for them....


    • It's hard for me to understand how VLO would have a hard time with the ownership of so many ethanol plants? I'm not sure of the mechanics and the trading of RINs. The refiners seemed to have less trouble during last years drought with the production far ahead of the mandated figures...............I wish someone on this board could give "the simple explaination" of the moving parts to the compliance, trading, credit, and actual cost of RINs. The cost corn tortilla, tacos at taco bell or jack in the box, and nacos at 7/11 stayed the same during this period of there seems to be adequate supply in the worst of times.

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