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  • polemid polemid Mar 28, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    OT........Adam Lanza documents released but Gov.not releasing his Meds information.........

    Why is that ? Certainly not a privacy issue since he is dead. Now Barrack Hussain Obama is touring the speach circuits. I guess he thinks people are willing to give up 2nd admenment rights to please him and the left. I saw a movie once on how that worked out for one certain country, it was called Shindler Lists. Armless people lead down a road of death unable to defend their self or family. Don't think it could never happen again. Weapons are needed once the law and the courts have been exhausted and death ears are a way of life and murder the preferred remendy toward those who speak out. Without the 2nd admendment no other right can be guranteed, We are not suppose to lose our (any) rights because people break the law. Pole

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    • Want to know is what motivated Mario Lanza? In his own words, "I sing from the heart... I sing the words of a song and really feel them, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes... I sing as though my life depends on it, and if I ever stop doing that then I'll stop living”.

    • john.vigent Mar 28, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

      Pole - why don't you leave the adam lanza/Newtown thing alone. everyone knows he was a whack job, and his mother protected that mentally ill killer. He should never have been allowed to have a gun! I don't care what the 2nd amendent says. You are touching on a very sensitve issue that brings out a vitriolic response in many of us, especially in CT.

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      • John seems you are ways quick to censor what people write. I'm not one to turn the other cheek and certainly don't sympathized with the left. If you do, that is your business. If you don't like what I have to say don't read it. If you then still feel a need to rebuke others on issue that matter to you, but are not respect of other views thats just to bad. All you need to do is put me on ignor I certainly don't need your narrow slant on comminity affairs or your self serving advice. I think my tour of duty for this country entitles me to an opinion. Its to bad people such people as yourself have a problem with that right. But than again there is always the ignor option or better yet, get used to the freedom of speech. Pole

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