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  • idpatton01 idpatton01 Apr 4, 2013 10:13 PM Flag

    Put a Spin on this

    I hope VLO does hold its gains tomorrow.. It will take 6 months tio IPO this spin. Alot will happen in 6 months. I am not sure how 50000 share will drive up the price$1.50 in after hours. Definite bear trap . The option say the best VLO can snare is a bit over $42 then it rolls back to $39.

    I hope you guys win, and I am wrong. Smells fishy...walks like a must be a duck with a fish..

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    • Shortie...some facts. This is not an IP0. This is a split-off of an exsiting company. It will not take 6 months. Try 3 and half weeks. It does not "dilute" shareholders rather it seperates out the retail business from the core business and shareholders reap the benefit of unlocking $2 Billion in shareholder value that Wall Street is not giving Valero for its retail business.

      As a shareholder, I get a very good dividend on May 1 and I reap the benefit. Period.

      You can spin it the way you want, but do so at your own peril.

      The stock will go up today as people will buy it so they can get the retail spin-off.


    • Hey idpatton; there's one thing I've learned about you since you came aboard. You sell at the lows and buy at the highs. You a Rookie from the word go. How much you down, boy?

    • Have you looked at the registration document?

      The retail segment did 210 million in Net Income in 2012. Based on the 76 million registered shares this would equate to $2.76 EPS.

      I would recommend looking up this information.

      Casey's had $116 million in Net Income in 2012. Casey's is running at over 16x PE. If CST makes anywhere from $2.5 to $2.75 in 2013 and the PE is at 15x EPS we would see a $37.5-$41.4 share price.

      Also, please note this $210 divided by the 2,083 billion in overall Net Income was only a little over 10% of EPS and added only 37.87 cents to EPS. Management has already estimated that the hydrocrackers will add $1 in EPS., which would be close to 550 million in additional Net Income.

    • 9 shares of VLo get you one share of CST

      The CEO dumped 16 million in stock the other day at the peak

      Thats a lot of cabbage. Either he knows something about earnings or he knows something about the cost of the upgrade

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