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  • eric2855 eric2855 Feb 4, 2002 11:58 AM Flag

    true story kids

    I contacted Galaxy and tofutti about a new product that I found that is going to be huges.Just my reaction ? Nah.If I did absolutely nothing , the product will be huge.However thought I would notify this company and Galaxy.The secretary here had no clue of the ramifications said Tof does not deal with other foods? What might that imply? " i don't want any opportunity to make more money or we don't have any more money or we don't care about making more money". Anyway to make a long story short, I could not contact this company through email either so you know what the potential from these companies are>.Its too bad they both have decent products.I knew and write to someone who had a product he tried and contacted Seneca, they gave the guy a ten thousand dollar retainer fee and the company made millions from buying the ingredients or secret information attained from his contact.Thats the difference between success and failure.This is only my take.Why a company would not even want to listen is beyond me.I mean have a working email doesn't take much , does it? Ok pardon my writing skills.The funny thing is I had shares in Galaxy and glad I never bought tof , even though I was close.

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    • I never said I could meet the literary standards set on this board by eric2855.

      Rather, I dedicated my work to moondoggy12, who was kind enough to offer an answer to my question in return for a simple bit of prose. Sharing is caring. Thank you in advance, number 12.

    • Amway? ugh,I could say yeah, (no) but I better work on my presentation .lol

    • You don't get any soup either.And don't come back.

    • Whether TOF is open to such advances by unknowns depends, I would think, on the style of approach. Frankly, if you approached TOF as you approached this board, there is no doubt in my mind why you were rebuffed. Anyway, kudos for temporarily enlivening this board.

      Regards, Roger

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      • Roger I see your point,
        but the key here is not how I said what I said to the secretary it was the content.Sure when the issue was or is my credibility or my representation of Tofutti , that would be one thing.I just was a consumer of their product and happened to come across this fantastic product that I thought would prove unusually beneficial , given their share price.Now if you read any of my previous messages I do tend to be eccentric but, correct more times then not.I predicted the downfall of rythm net connect, and webvan (trite was my id) and gx way before then went out.I told Galaxy owner to get rid of Veggie Milk way before it actually has now disappeared around here anyway.They told me back then , it was a great product.I said no one where I worked bought it and it tasted rotten with that rice syrup but hey they found out the hard way.Anyway,,,so my clue about this snack food is genuine and its the message here , not the messenger!I am afraid boys the secretary kind of blew it for them.I do intend to tell everyone as soon as I know when this item changes hands and it will .I am so sure they will be its fun to think I knew ahead a time , that a multi million dollar product could maybe been had by tofutti or Galaxy , if only they kept a open mind.

    • I see where you're coming from now, but you're preaching to the choir here. Sure, it would be nice if the co. saved themselves some $$$ and got an already produced product, but maybe they(The co.) already has/have similar product in the works or maybe something else entirely.
      Could be lots of reasons they're not interested, so they say to you or anyone else who asks. Maybe they really are.........

    • 20 Questions, Question #2:

      2. Does it fly, walk or swim?

    • motivation? Lets say you can add another product like tofutti in your companies product line, or veggie cheese, would you want to? Of course you would, just another way to get more revenue and profits? Is that really hard to decipher? These are relatively successful products and are enabling the company to pay its bills , employees, families etc.So instead of buying into a known product for millions, you buy a small production company that may or maynot be starting out for a price relatively cheap compared to the potential.If either one of these companies bought this product out, I would buy many shares.So then the motivation to tell them? Success for all , at least the possiblity.

    • Maybe you should take the hint......
      If the co. doestn't want "it", maybe "it" isn't worth "it". BTW, never been happier.
      I don't understand your pitch here, or your motivation, that's all.

    • ps, go away you don't get any soup.

    • You shouldn't , you just talked yourself into not caring , you happy?

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