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  • red44fox2000 red44fox2000 Oct 29, 2002 12:28 PM Flag

    A change for the better

    Gloomy thoughts gets gloomy glops. Let's change our thinking and see if we can put a positive charge into the economy. I challenge readers to search out and post good economic news such as the article in the Wall Street Journal today about Jack in the Box planning to open 100 to 150 convenience stores alongside its fast food restaurants over the next five years. Doesn't this bode well for jobs and the economy? Good news chases the blues. Who's next? There are some good earning reports out there. What's your favorite? Remember: Positive Thought plus Positive Action gets Positiive Feeling. And it's positively contageous.

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    • I already own Nortel...
      and it will continue to produce...
      like the 150% growth in the last month...

    • Rally is started.

      Calm down my friend. TOF is in a tortoise race.

      You want some wild and exciting stuff, try Lucent (LU)

      TOF is NOT wild or exciting. Just a nice LONG on a few shares of a nice predictable company.

    • Not "Where's TOF?", but "Where's TOF going?" The answer is UP! Just hold on to your hat and watch! We are the rally. We've got the good earnings, and that's what's driving this market.

    • Economic growth is always a plus.
      "Positive Thoughts...
      Positive Action...
      Positive Feeling..."
      Well all those positive people may or may not be buying TOF products.
      Marketing product at good margins lead to positive earnings growth. TOF is only one of 10,000s of items jocking for shelf space. Tough market out there, even when the economy is rocking.

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      • Gloomy, gloomy, gloomy glops. Hey, the
        market was up today, and the analysts
        comments were upbeat. Someone said that If you want it to rain, you have to see the clouds, and feel the wind and
        rain, and experience the wetness of the
        downpour - if you can visualize the earth
        soaking up the moisture and the water running
        down the street and the puddles forming - if
        you can BELIEVE it will rain, then I suggest
        you keep an umbrella handy. I believe this
        market will improve, and it shall. And I believe that YOU shall benefit from it. What you think is what you get, so get rid of the glops. Maybe it's a tough market out there, but isn't it DEMAND that determines what products are put on the shelf? Tofutti products are terrific. They are delicious. We buy them, in fact we DEMAND these products or we shop elsewhere. That's marketing.

    • but...150 new convienience stores paying barely poverty level salaries next to 150 hamburger joints who also pay poverty salaries does NOT excite me about the economy...

      in fact...that may be the most depressing news of the day, unless of course they are going to carry TOFUTTI CUTIES!!

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