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  • tradingishard tradingishard Nov 20, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    The 3 million shares and Darvy Can't Help Himself

    Darvy can't help himself. First he says he will never respond to me again, then given the first chance, he does it! HA! Zero control over his emotions. Next - I will clarify..... CJES has been filing an S-3 shelf registration since the beginning for when insiders could sell their shares. Now they say they will do it. Big deal! Goldman will most likely sell it "from time to time" as stated in the release. They also might do it in private transactions which will also won't affect the public price unless the buyer in the private transaction decides to sell. What is will do is increase the traded float, thus requiring darvy and other shorts to increase their wrong bet to maintain the same level of manipulation. We want the float to increase. Makes playing with the stock much harder.

    Darvy - you have now avoided the question twice. Why, if you don't have skin in the game do you read every post on this board? Why do you post that which only highlights the negative? I am a pumper? BWUHAHAHA! I post nothing but facts about the company, you post nothing but industry news about why CJES will go lower. SO you are admitting then to being a basher?

    You assume gamma is me in disguise? I guess I will assume we now know you are the latush.
    Keep bashing laTUSH...... best of luck with your short. And if you aren't short...... PLEASE - get a life dude. Life is too precious for you to be wasting it on a message board that you really have no money to gain or lose following. That is the epitome of a loser. Don't be THAT guy! ;)

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    • Trading, seriously where do we sell? You know how this ride is bumpy.....and it won't go up forever. I sold a few today at $22, but have plenty of firepower still. However, there is a price where we should be out, waiting for a pullback. Perhaps with the vast reduction in short interest, life has changed, and the action in this stock will be different, but my hunch says we will get a top and that we haven't seen the last deep downtrend. What do you think?

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      • It's probably is time to sell if you are a trader. At the top of the range after a large up move...... and Goldman rated it a buy, which means they are trying to dump the 3 million shares that were listed in the S-1 registration. But I am not trading this thing. It's cheap up another $5 and I don't want to miss out on the eventual break out when it takes place. If I were a trading man - $22-23 would be the spot. Since I am not - I'll just ride it back down. :) I've been making ok income selling $22.50 and $25 calls in Dec and Mar - so no complaints. One of these days, that strategy will bite me in the butt and I will lose my shares and have to buy them back higher. I am interested in letting go of some shares at $32..... then another chunk at a 10 PE when earnings are $4 so I have bigger plans. :)

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    • I will say one thing about you Trading, your at least cheaper than paying for a therapist. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

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