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  • semitruth15 semitruth15 Oct 27, 2009 10:22 AM Flag

    Does anyone care?

    It's pretty funny how useless this message board is. Obviously no one cares about this dog. You have to wonder why analysts even call in to the earnings call - must be to just listen to wafer start info. to see what AMAT will be doing. Wonder when they'll start asking tough questions, like why is SG&A still so high? How much revenue from new products is being generated? Just a dog and pony show.

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    • These clowns have been getting away with mismanagement for years. SG&A has never been meaningfully reduced despite repeated suggestions by mgmt that it will come down as a percentage of sales. The only people making money here are those getting salaries from ATMI. Why not sell this chemistry set to someone who can either grow it or eliminate duplicative costs? Of course that would mean some ATMI heads would roll. Thus it will never happen...screw the shareholders. I am ashamed to say I own this pig.

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      • You're absolutely correct - years of mismanagement. They got lucky with their relationship to sell the Cu plating chemistry, customers adopted Cu, and revenues grew. But now that the semi market is mature, you can see that they have stalled, for many years, and have had no significant revenue from internal R&D projects. Neugold has been touting autoclean and regen-si for more than three years now - show us the revenue! The last 12 months, while horrible for semi manufacturers, were a perfect time for them to test and qualify new materials. So, atmi management, where are the results? Give us some numbers. Oh yeah, and what about all of your great strategic relationships we've heard about in the past - like Anji for CMP. What happened with that? Another partnership with AMTI that went south? Amateurs.