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  • semitruth15 semitruth15 Jan 28, 2010 10:48 AM Flag

    Where did my last post go?

    Interesting. I just noticed that the last message thread that I had started regarding ATMI's politics disappeared. Could censorship really be alive and well in Danbury, CT? Hard to believe that could be possible. I guess if I were Neugold, I wouldn't want a healthy debate occurring regarding potential root causes of ATMI's inability to deliver on his hype, like the overall dysfunctional organization topic that was getting vetted by people that obviously have insight into the organization. The BOD might actually start to hold him accountable if they understood how many good people still are voluntarily leaving that company, as the US struggles with a 10% unemployment rate. I'll let the readers of this make their own conclusions. I wouldn't want to make too many assumptions to have more of my posts mysteriously disappear.

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    • The reason no one cares is that some of us have found ATMI quite profitable if you crack the code - you know, buy low, sell high!

      Not sure why you've missed the dozens of buying opportunities over the years. Readers should keep in mind that while it is likely that ATMI is not be a "growth" company, it has been possible to make very good money in the stock market with ATMI. Here is a hint: it tends to go up and down in a trading range. And it tends to move up and down with the rest of the semiconductor industry. The good news is that they have maintained a solid cash position, have little debt, and the stock is held almost exclusively by institutional investors. I've bought and sold this stock literally dozens of time over the years and made a lot of money with ATMI!