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  • semitruth15 semitruth15 Apr 16, 2010 6:02 AM Flag

    Here it comes!

    I'm sure everyone is as excited as I am for the next rendition of Doug's dogmatic analyst call. We'll be hearing the same old tired story about how his investment in the R&D robots hasn't yet produced new revenue, how new product sales will come from advanced technology nodes (does that mean all these years you've only been pursuing old technology nodes?), gross margins are blah blah blah, and so on. Can you ever answer real questions that could give us insight into how the company is actually doing?

    -What is your voluntary turn-over rate? Word on the street is that you just lost your top sales person after he won some award, and on linkedin you can see that you've recently lost a bunch of other people, including your HR recruiter. Even the recruiters are jumping ship? Why is everyone leaving?
    -How much new revenue have you realized in the last 16 months from products that you fully developed on the intermolecular robots? How much do you expect in 2010 and 2011? What is the ROI for that investment?
    -What happened to your "strategic relationships" with Anji and Pixelligent? Seems like they both have gone south. Have you ever had a successful relationship with any other company in the semi industry? No one I know can think of any that hasn't ended up dissolved or in court with ATMI.
    -What are your revenues with regensi and autoclean? Those products were going to save the world, but you aren't talking about them any more. How much revenue will they generate in 2010 and 2011 for you?
    -What is going on with nowpack? Again, rumors are that you are losing significant amounts of business to local competitors in Asia in the flat panel market. How much revenue have you lost in this market in 2009 and 2010? What is your long term plan to turn this part of your business around, considering that more and more customers are switching to technically equivalent, significantly lower cost options like plastic bottles?

    Obviously your stock floats up and down with sentiment in the market and speculators playing your cycles, so give us some real, factual insight into your organization to make us think that you actually know how to execute and we should invest in atmi? The same old earnings calls are just a bore.

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    • Listened to the call and at least the questions were a little better than softballs and indicated growing skeptism about ATMI's ability to execute on new products or grow at industry rates. Wonder what ever happened to Planarclean, first impact new product from HPD tools. If these tools are suppose to accelerate new product development why is it taking so long for new chemistries to hit the street? It is hard to justify better than market growth in SDS when the worlds largetst IDM converted to a competitior for their advanced lines a while back, as noted they are losing share in packaging space and have little or no market share in DRAMs outside of Copper lines. Also no mention of reorganization of the executive team. Finally, you have to wonder whether they have the critical mass to really make a go of it in Life Sciences. Lots of large integrated players in that space, hard to see what if any competitive advantage they are bringing.