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  • semitruth15 semitruth15 Dec 5, 2010 6:06 PM Flag

    Same old same old

    I did't see any rush in making any comments about the last earnings call as it wasn't very exciting. It surprised me that in the best quarter the industry has seen in years, running at levels from 2007, ATMI still has not crawled back to their pre-recession run rates. If the bio bag business is growing, and they're winning business as Doug asserts, why aren't the numbers showing it? Where have the sales gone that would have shown this quarter at $100M +/-? Have they lost SDS business to Prax? I hear they are still attacking all over the world. Is it causing SDS prices to be dropped? What about Nowpak? Are the rumors true of major losses in that business? Oh, and what about those world leading products Regensi and Autoclean? What are the revenues from them? Come on, please give us some answers Doug. Because now we are supposed to believe you that your new immersion cleaning product is going to drive your growth? Let's be honest - how large can that market be? $3M? $5M? $10M? Surely not more than that. We're supposed to believe that this is the great new product that has resulted from the use of the IM robots? Ok, let's assume it was developed with them, then tell us how long you've been working on it. If you say you were able to develop and commercialize this product in 3-6 months using the IM tools, then I'm impressed. 6-12 months, OK, I'll cut some slack. Longer than that, and I don't see the advantage over using beakers. So Doug, when did you start the development of this project? We have a right to understand how your investment in the robots is paying off, considering your revenue seems to still be lower than late 2007/early 2008, yet your peers and your customers have recovered. Why aren't we seeing more new products from what, 3 years or so of using the IM tools?

    Rumors are flying in Asia that several high level managers have left in 2010 as well - I have not yet confirmed that, but if it is true, why does the exodus continue Doug? Can you please address your turnover in the next call, specifically what the voluntary and involuntary rate is?

    I wonder if the board actually gets answers from Doug and his team, considering the investors aren't.

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