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  • housmony housmony Nov 20, 2013 12:27 PM Flag


    This has to be one of the most compelling long investments I have come across. Your marginal cost to produce is zero, your customers are held captive and the market has barely been scratched. Current planes equipped 1500 with up to 20,000 in the air at any one time. Do some revenue models for yourself and make some conservative assumptions. Lets go with 5000 planes equipped with average passenger load of 200. user penetration 20% and 3 flights a day

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    • Exactly! This is by far the best one I have ever put my money in..I am holding 915 shares @ 16.805.. I predicted GOGO at Ihub that it will be in the low $20s by end of year but I was way off.. Holding strong bcuz this will only get better..

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      • I really enjoy seeing shorts take it in the teeth. I still don not think this has even started to run. 80% market capture and quadruple the number of planes it is on and those are mostly long haul flights where the price goes up but the marginal cost is zero. Triple revenue and hold expenses constant and you have some idea of what we are in for. I put a price target of $135 or a market cap just north of $10B. Compare to market cap of Pandora or Sirius which are one way data providers bi-directional data at 70 mbps with a captive audience.....if you miss this one you will look back on how obvious it was and kick yourself. Note my first post was back in the $17's

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      • you guys are so right, i guess the rest of the world sucks at maths except you. gogo has great potential, but it's not there yet,- period. im not paying 14$ per flight , i can just load 2 movies or an ebook on my laptop b4 the flight and there ya go, not to mention the number of people that use 4g devices when the attendants are not nearby. i see it fluctuating around 25 if not less, so for the short term, short !

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