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  • johnromo415 johnromo415 Jan 22, 2014 10:26 PM Flag

    do your research not viable long term

    re-post: Boeing is building Ka band receivers into all new planes to leverage their ViaSat-2 satellite they build for mobile broadband. Launch date 2016. An example of new technology that will make all the technology GOGO build obsolete over time, which generally happens with technology, only problem is in 3 years GOGO still will not be profitable and there is no way they can compete with Boeing. Sorry, long term it is a sell. I am completely certain of that, as I am sure the 4 board members who left are, and all the original investors who said they wanted to liquidate their position. There is no way they could have known what Boeing was going to do when they started the GOGO venture. Now they know, and now they are selling to people like you who do not know or won't recognize the truth for whatever crazy reasons you might have. Not every investment is a forever hold long kind of investment. Things change. Less

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    • Copy paste of same old post few hours back. Anything on a plane takes years to be tested and installed.
      17000 existing commercial planes waiting for wifi, keep waiting till
      Boeing might provide retrofit but they failed miserably in last attempt.
      Gogo is running ahead of everyone else. The 60mbps streaming will kill via-sat market which is supposed to be in 2016 at much higher price because satcom is not free.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • We all agree that next generation technology like ViaSat-2 will take years to impact the market. At least 3 years I would say not 2. However GOGO is years away from just breaking even, and there are other competitors in the market right now. Currently GOGO is valued quite high as a speculative play with no earnings and no way to be sure they get a return on investment compared to a patented drug for example with FDA approval which you can predict. At the current cash burn rate they will burn through about 200 million in 2 years and not a single analyst thinks they will be profitable in 2 years. How would you feel about this position right now if you took 200 million cash off the balance sheet and the company was burning less but still losing 10 million per quarter ? At that point you are going to be thinking dilution or looking for "ongoing concern" statements appearing in the SEC filing. Now go out 1 more year and see how much more today's competitors are cutting into your market share with Boeing knocking on the door with game changing technology. From an analyst perspective it is tough to give this stock a long term buy and hold rating.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • Ravi22 - Can U provide more details about your statement?

        --"Boeing might provide retrofit but they failed miserably in last attempt. "

        Just wondering what happened with Boeing's prior attempts and why you think they'll fail?

        I agree that 2016 is too long to wait and by that time most airlines will already be signed up with GOGO.

    • I think KU band is better because it work over water. (international flight) I think Ku band will win .. Maybe I'm wrong and correct but that what i have been reading about Ku / Ka Band... If I"m wrong , then correct me but that what I thought.
      ENT and Gogoair use KU band now. Viasat doesnt work over ocean with KA band. well we see... i need someone with more knowledge to explain does ViaSat-2 work over water.

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