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  • yannimeow yannimeow Feb 1, 2014 7:01 AM Flag

    Serious Post..... thisisravi22 I would like your input

    I have a few questions..... When will the KU & KA band go live? What are the band widths for these bands??? With the current airlines that are under contract for the domestic flights are these airlines bound to their international flights? The reason I asked the previous question is because I noticed that United signed up with the Viastat service.... When does the first contract expire? I see many articles that state JetBules bandwidth will be 12mbs for each customer on the flight. Will the KU & KA bands be faster then the ViaStat bandwidth? I have also read a few article stating that GoGo will provide 70 mbs wifi.... Is the 70 mbs to the entire airplane or is it to each individual user?? Lastly are they working on a solution for the gate to gate capability? Because from what I am reading they are not able to provide service for below 10,000 feet? I am planning on making a very big investment and I would like these questions answered in order to make a decision ....Thanks in advance for your serious response...

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    • Good question, what is the potential for this flying internet no holds barred????. I once got involved with a pie in the sky, I think global star? To connect satellites all over so no dark spots on earth. Supposed to do away with all the towers. But I think the cost killed it.

      glta ez

    • question1: when will KU and KA bands go live?
      These are just frequencies. satellites will provide coverage.Gogo has partnered with satellite equipment provider AeroSat to bring a
      Ku-satellite connectivity service to airlines, for a near-term solution
      before the Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka-satellite service becomes available.
      The connectivity service will extend beyond the US to allow carriers to
      offer the service on international routes.
      JAL will be among the first airlines to employ Gogo's satellite system operating
      in the so-called Ku-band frequencies. Gogo offers Ku-band in conjunction with
      satellite services companies SES SA of Luxembourg and IntelSat SA of Luxembourg.
      JAL service would use Gogo's satellite technology and begin operating by mid-2014.

      question2: bandwidths for KU and KA bands?
      Ku-band uses frequencies between 12-18 GHz where as Ka-band services use
      frequencies in the 26.5 - 40 GHz segment of the electromagnetic spectrum.
      Generally, the higher the radio frequency you use the more data you can pass.
      you get greater data bandwidth the higher you go in frequency,Ka-band should give
      you more digital bandwidth than Ku
      A smaller spot beam with fewer users under it could give faster overall
      speeds than a higher frequency system with a wider beam and more users.
      Bad weather can cause “rain fade” at Ku and Ka frequencies – just as your
      digital satellite TV picture can “freeze” during bad rain or a snowstorm.

      question3: with current airlines under domestic contract,are these bound
      to their international flights?
      True for Delta thats offering wifi globally with gogo.
      Other top airlines have domestic wifi contracts with gogo which can change as
      year progresses and inmarsat completes its satellite installation

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      • question4: when does first contract expire? GOGO recently renewed its contract with virginamerica for 5 more years
        GOGO signed agreement with JAL two months back
        GOGO launched American airlines 2008. contract likely renewal in 2018
        GOGO united airlines 2009. likey renewal in 2019
        Delta Air Lines Inc also has contracted to use the Ku-band service on all 170 of its planes. Either Delta or Jal will beginners to use Ku band.
        U.S Airways launched around 2009. US Airways offers Gogo on nearly 90% of their flights traveling over the continental United States.contracts likely renewal in 2019.
        Alaska tie-up was in 2010, renewal around 2020.So if you see the way GOGO captured u.s market strategically and moving to global,we can add more international airlines once the inmarsat coverage is up by end of 2014.
        GOGO also is actively pursuing top 30 international airlines with gogo sales offices spread all over the globe. My guess it will announce some European/Mideast airlines this year which will be a major move with the recent FAA approval for installation in 1000 planes with KU.

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