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  • corvettecars_0 corvettecars_0 Mar 15, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    Why did this go down after er? Serious answers please


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    • Losses , debt increased?

    • Isn't it obvious? The market was expecting improved forward guidance. Instead, management reiterates previous guidance and the stock tanks. That said, I believe there is a floor on the stock price between 21 and 22 (look at the March 22 put volume). Management may be sandbagging, but only time will tell. Until next quarter...GLTA

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    • Fellas, have a beer and relax. No, t is not apparent to anyone the forces behind hammering this stock. Nor did any of us have an idea when SAC bought in over 5%. These are not thinly veiled.
      If I would make an educated guess , I would say ViaSat. As I have said in previous posts, they launched the satellite. They NEED customers. Period. EOS.
      If one were to look at the timing(please read previous posts) on the BS coming from CNBC , well go figure. Please read previous posts. They (VSAT, the stock symbol) put up a $600mil bird, plus operating expenses. They need return. As I stated before in previous post, VSAT will have a tough time in a LOT of ways.
      Now, what the sh#t difference could that make to CNBC , can I ask you all , how are satellite uplinks on mobile and stations made?????
      They are hammering on behest of a segment that VSAT needs, because of failures of uncertainty elsewhere,
      Doesn't matter Gogo is way ahead , and as far as airline concerns, they are the leader and will remain the leader
      I realize the technology is tough to comprehend, trust GOGO is WAY WAY ahead of the curve

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      • provider ViaSat Inc. is claiming $800 million in patent-infringement damages from satellite builder Loral Space and Communications. Jury will start march 26. Viasat is afraid similar satellites launched will eat away its business.
        Cnbc paid pampers know something behind the scenes if viasat wins lawsuit they might get compensated upto 2.4Billion.
        Will get to know by mid of April.
        U.s air fleet is almost saturated and viasat CEO agreed they are planning to compete remaining 17000 fleet global with their 2016 planned launch. Chances are grim with gogo ready with 2015 Inmarsat coverage.moreover they are only bandwidth providers and not wifi solution, they have to partner.

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      • Elsondie, a few comments to your posting:

        1. We also know the AIRLINES COMPREHEND THE TECHNOLOGY and their almost universal endorsement of GOGO rather than VSAT speaks volumes.

        2. When looking at competing offers (GOGO, VSAT, PANASONIC), the airlines surely look at the PLANNED UPGRADE PATH presented by each company and they realize GOGO will have it all before VSAT gets it next satellite operational in 2016.

        3. The DARK FORCE behind this stock is "THE MACHINE" behind Cowardly Cramer and Dishonest Melissa Lee. Some people with big money haven't wanted GOGO share price to run... at least not yet -- until they accumulate. Once they get on the long side, you'll see GOGO manipulated the other direction (UP) bigtime...

        I do think we're near that point soon because it costs them money to keep a stock down and flush out weak hands. .

    • I am not sure and it appears those that should know don't either. that is very, very concerning.

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