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  • ccquinones123 Dec 21, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    Jim Cramer

    He has made the statement that we are now in the beginning stages of a bull market similar to the one during the 90s. If any industry is going to skyrocket it is without a doubt aerospace and anything to do with it. This stock could possibly bounce back to the levels it was in during the late 90s early 2000s especially with the service and products they are begining to cranck out. With 1st Detect they can benefit from any sector in the economy.

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    • Cramer was pumping the most overvalued of stocks going into the 2000 meltdown. Anyone listening to him got wiped out, literally. He is entertaining, and intelligent, but has zero common sense.

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      • ccquinones123 Dec 22, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

        CNBC is funded by many of the companies he has pumped and currently talks about. I probably watch 10 minutes of the show once a month. With ample media attention which we will have and good economic reports coming out like we just had friday its going to be a 90s bull market but much more intense since investing is much easier to participate now then the 90s for new money. In my opinion ASTC is one of the best plays out their for 2014. Watching the stock closely the last couple months, this thing has mostly been impacted by smart money.

    • 1st Detect is probably worth $100m as it sits. People act like it's just some concept they dreamt up after a night of drinking...wrong. They've been working on this thing for like 5 years and now finally have a commercial unit available. Not sure how much they've spent on it, but I'd guess north of $25m. Space ops is probably worth a minimum of $50m just in facilities and real estate. So $150m and that doesn't even include 1st Detect getting a small percentage of a $20b spectrometry industry. $7.50 is fair value, IMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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