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  • happyperson_1 happyperson_1 Apr 1, 2010 8:43 AM Flag

    My, my, now we receive positive data!

    Yes look for this market to continue up despite those that continue to be negative on their blogs yet are long the stock market. If one looks at volume they continue to take market up as there is no resistance. When you get really heavy volume it is the shorting by a Goldman then the downgrade like RIMM. This will be a short trade for GS and then they will cover and go long RIMM. It is like PALM. They were long and then they upgrade. They sell and go short. With the little volume they and JPM are having a field day making millions and millions every day. Of course this means SDS is going lower.

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    • No resistance? Then please explain why every time the market touches 1180 it pulls back. Or please explain why the S&P has barely moved in the three weeks since it broke above 1150? If that's not a sign of a temporary top, I don't now what is.

    • So much of the business that is done is overseas. Companies are getting much more done with less employees. They are opening factories overseas and pay much, much less for much more work. You do not sit around for half a day to wait for someone to change a valve that takes 10 minutes because the union will fire you if you do that. The result is the rich and the companies on the market are getting richer. The stock market is moving up. The government continues to give money. tax favors and concessions to these companies because they are in their back pocket. Capital One had to ask permission from the government to use that commercial. I am sorry but the USA is a very different country today. It is about THEE people but it is not for the people. Obama is a phony 3 dollar bill the same as Bush is. It matters not what party gets in other than which rich company is going to get more. Sorry for the negativity yet that facts do reveal this. I may not always enjoy the truth yet it does set one free.

    • You're right. 'safe' was too strong a term.

    • All good points...still don't believe any of it.

      I don't invest with my eyes but will gladly sit on the sideline...sometimes the best move is no move...or the last move.

      Well put though Happy...I am not a trader so tell me how the market is actually going anywhere fast?

      IMHO less upside than there is downside...don't want to chase 10% to lose 50%....


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      • Can you please explain to me how loosing jobs is positive? Yes the rate of job loss will diminish…that’s a far cry from creating high paying jobs. We are looking to hire a new assistant at my office. The annual offer going out is $6K less than when I started the same position ten years ago. He/She will barely be able to pay for housing and energy.

      • Probably wise on your part. Your thoughts are very valid. The difficulty is that the market is not logical. It may be after the fact when one becomes aware of the deception that took place. Must admit that I am no longer invested in the market. I have sold everything and now am only trading. When the market does drop it will probably be quick. I also do not trust these folks and I am not privy to where the money is going.

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